1. Ulas K

    About License Extras

    Hello, Can I buy extras (branding removal or other addons etc.) after than buying the license? E.g.: I bought only license today. Can I buy branding removal or other extras, after 6-7 months later? Is this possible?
  2. Gaétan547

    Can the forum link be changed after installation?

    Hello, i have an question before buying xenforo. If i buy xenforo and install it to for example, can i change the link to after 5 mounths for example ? If yes, how ? Thank you, and sorry for my bad english i am german / french!
  3. iorG19

    expired license

    Hi, I want to know if i buy expired license to own it in my hosting... if i can renew it later. expired license from : to: obviously those links are an example :D thank you in advance and cheers!