1. Agentos

    Reputation, trophy addon question

    Can anyone tell me what this addon? The fact that I can't get an answer anywhere scares me and this is definitely not an add-on from Addonflare
  2. VersoBit

    Unmaintained [VersoBit] Badges 2.0.0p1

    Reward your users with collectible badges, and control how your users get them. Features Award users badges based on criteria. Manually award users badges. Display badges on users profiles, and profile cards. CRON Job for automatically applying badges when a user meets criteria. Notification...
  3. Frode789

    XF 2.0 Giving image badges to users

    Adding image banners to user groups is simple enough (special groups such as admin, donator etc). But how can I add it to users that has X amount of posts, given automatically? The whole user ladder system is so lackluster. I'd like to assign image banners (and text title) to users. Image A +...
  4. Gator

    How to add a Custom Group Badge / Banner to User Info

    Display image with "User banner text" in "User info" STEP 1: Go to: AdminCP > Appearance > Templates > and search for the "extra.less" file Open the file and add this code (Call it anything you want.) In the example here, I called it ".myBadge": Adjust the settings as needed for sizing...
  5. kankan

    Graphic Looking for badges

    Hello Looking for nice badges collections free or to purchase. Does anyone know good ones ? Thanks!
  6. Milano

    Master Badge [Paid] [Deleted]

    Milano submitted a new resource: Master Badge - Taking the trophy system to the next LEVEL Read more about this resource...