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CustomImgCaptcha: Spam Combat 2.4.1

Customise your own images for CAPTCHA

  1. tenants
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    CustomImgCaptcha - Customise your own images for CAPTCHA

    [please note, bot passes will often mean humans running xrummer/other often revisit to attempt to pass the CAPTCHA manually -only large figures require you to update your images]
    upload_2014-1-30_7-16-42.png upload_2014-1-30_7-27-18.png

    This is included in Both

    i) Free (Branded) Tac Anti Spam Collection
    ii) Paid (unbranded) Tac Anti Spam Collection

    Can be used in combination with :
    • FoolBotHoneyPot (to stop spam bots completely! using elegant methods that do not bother humans)
    • DeDos (Unique ways to stop bots hammering / scraping / visiting / registering ... it just stops bots brilliantly!)
    • AnyApi (Use any API you want, to prevent spam bots / spam humans from registering)
    • StopHumanSpam (Stops human creating links / sigs / banned content, it also checks for "sneaky broken links")
    • StopCountrySpam (to reduce spam from particular countries bot/human),
    • StopBotResources (to reduce the amount of resources spam bots use)
    CAPTCHA Sets Available:
    Funny Img CAPTCHA (free)
    10 Household items (paid)
    we-fight-spam-images(free, by MsJacquiiC)

    Example: http://www.surreyforum.co.uk/misc/contact


    Many of the popular CAPTCHA systems fail, simply because they are popular, and thus become an obvious target to train against. However, custom image CAPTCHA can not suffer this same fate, since every forum can use unique image sets
    • Upload multiple custom CAPTCHA images (customised for your site)
    • Supports multiple answers per image
    • The CAPTCHA images are displayed randomly
    • For every custom image you upload, 320,000 different possible versions are available to be shown to the user, making a binary comparison harder for bots
    • Stats on each Image: How Many Humans Passed It Vs How many Humans Failed it*
    • Stats on each Image: How Many Bots Passed It Vs How many Bots Failed it*
    • Default example images are provided (and should be deleted and replaced with your own custom set / a set provided to you)
    • CustomImgCaptcha is available in all CAPTCHA areas (replacing QA CAPTCHA / ReCAPTCHA where applicable)
    • The CAPTCHA images can not be linked to directly with the public uuid (the image uuid is deactivated after 24hrs)
    • If you have good ideas / images for CAPTCHA, you can export the sets, then trade/sell them
    • An import mechanism via the ACP is provided (SQL is not directly inserted, the values are exracted and XF DataWriter is safely used)
    • Exported sets are compatible with phpMyAdmin (but this should not be needed, unless the set is very large, since the built-in import mechanim can upload your sets)
    • CAPTCHA attempts (passed / failed) logs are recorded in the Admin Control Panel >> Tools - This can give you information more detailed information about your CAPTCHA set (such as the human answers when they fail the CAPTCHA)
    *Note: Human / Bot stats requires FoolBotHoneyPot (to distinguish between Human / Bot). However, without FoolBotHoneyPot information about passed/failed attempts is still logged and available in the Admin Control Panel >> Tools > CustomImgCapthca Logs


    (* If you have KeyCaptcha installed, please uninstall the KeyCapcha plugin before installing this plugin)
    • Upload this folder so that the library contents goes into the library folder
    You should now have the following folder structure:
    http:// www. yourforum.com/library/
    • Go to ACP -> Add-ons -> Install Add-on -> Install from file on server
    • Install from file on server: " library/Tac/CustomImgCaptcha/addon-CustomImgCaptcha.xml"
    • You can now start uploading your own custom images (delete the default ones)
    • To turn on your custom CAPTCHA:
    Options >> User Registration >> Enable CAPTCHA for Guests >>Use CustomImgCaptcha


    1. Unzip the following zip file, and copy over the original files with the new versions (just copy over the entire CustomImgCaptchaFolder)

    2. From within the Admin Control Panel: yourforum/admin.php?add-ons/
    find the CustomImgCaptcha, and select the options
    Control >> Upgrade


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Recent Reviews

  1. Toxic
    Version: 1.4.1
    Another great product from tenants!!!

    A simple and easy product toinstall, a must, for beating spambots.

    Thoroughly recommend this add-on for Xenforo
  2. BryceW
    Version: 1.4.0
    This mod has DRAMATICALLY dropped the amount of spammers that get on my board. My mods dont have anything to do! We also use it as a bit of a knowledge test as my forums are industry specific and require a minimum knowledge.
  3. sudrien
    Version: 1.4.0
    Allowing questions to be specified in text would be nice - otherwise, very well thought out.
    1. tenants
      Author's Response
      The text is phrased, so you can change the text using the core. But if you want to change the text for each image, this is exactly how CAPTCHAS are solved with automation (that would be very bad design, and we would be back at the same problem as Q&A...the bots would solve them). The text should never indicate what the image question relates to (unless you want bots to get through)... Please mention enhancements in threads rather than reviews, it's much easier to communicate there.
  4. Biker
    Version: 1.4.0
    Moderated spammers went from 1-3 per day to zero once installed. I'm happy.
  5. Mark3121
    Version: 2.3.5
    Brilliant add-on, stopped my spam straight away :)
  6. Rho Delta
    Rho Delta
    Version: 2.3.3
    Great spam stopper!
  7. smimosmile
    Version: 2.3.3
    I have used this add-on for 3 weeks with custom Arabic images, and the result is: 0 spam. Hundreds of Bot attempts but no one has complete registration. Bravo Tenants.
    1. tenants
      Author's Response
      I hope the humans still find it easy... it's worth checking your logs and looking at the fails that aren't bots (if there are any)
  8. igrec
    Version: 2.3.2
    Nicely done. XF should buy it from you and implement into core ;)
  9. smimosmile
    Version: 2.3.2
    Excellent plugin, thanks.
  10. Toxic
    Version: 2.3.0b
    Just gets better ;)