CustomImgCaptcha: Spam Combat 2.4.1

CustomImgCaptcha: Spam Combat 2.4.1 2.4.1

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fixed an issue with ipv6
fixed an issue with bots attempting to paste images into the input field
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  • Fixed a bug in not reporting human fail counts (actually fixed in the latest version of FBHP)
  • Using a 0 query method of detecting CIC version if >XF 1.2 (also added to FBHP)
  • Added an option to not log empty user answers (since many bots leave the CATPCHA field blank, thus filling up the logs)
  • Change validation of user answer: actual answer functionality
  • Added debug info for forums that can not install (no images in ACP), they only need to right click the image and "view image in new tab" to see debug
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To prevent hammering of the StopBotters API, the API response is now saved in the session
minor update to clear the logs (except last 3 month) via a weekly cron job
(Thousands of pages of logs shouldn't be needed)
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While I'm at it, also updated the ip_address column type to core type:varbinary(16)
  • Updated to use core method to also support IPv6
  • Includes a small change to allow responsive images
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This fix should be compatible with both XF1.2 an pre 1.2
A fix necessary to render the CAPTCHA images in XenForo 1.2
Release 17/05/2012
Change Log:
  • A fix to the updater (AND addon_id = \'CustomImgCaptcha\')
  • I've noticed if all the tac plugins are installed at the same time, the API auto update for StopBotters goes wrong, this is fixed
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