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  1. CMTV

    XF 2.0 Path to images in designer mode

    Hi! I have enabled designer mode and all my template modifications are written at src/styles/<designer_id>/. Now I want to set a custom image for site background. Where should I place my image? How access this image inside templates/less files? Maybe there is a spical function to be used in...
  2. Mishal

    XF 1.4 How to add forum URL auto to all img

    Hi, can someone help me to modified attachment template to add forum URL to all img like this
  3. Rustywasp

    XF 1.5 Different/Individual Images for each Node Category Title

    So I'd like to be able to set an individual image for each category on the forum. As right now to set an image at all, you need to set it for all of them. Which I do not want. So is there a way to separate them into individual css classes so that I can edit them individually?
  4. Kintaro

    Add image and description to "Link title conversion" feature

    how about adding the possibility to choose an image and meta-description from the pasted link? And IMHO this infos need to be fetched live as happen on FB, Whatsapp, Telegram and not after the push of a button. This is a standard behavior on many community platform.
  5. Kintaro

    IMAGES - Different size/quality for different devices

    I would like that XF serve the optimal size version of images to the different devices (and internet connections). Example: user is browsing from desktop with a good connection? XF will serve full size image user is browsing from desktop with a slow connection? XF will serve full size image...
  6. truonglv

    [Nobita] Image Optimizer 1.2.0

    IMPORTANT You must build your own binaries to work with your server. Otherwise, please contact with me to help you. *** Add-on have provide a powerful settings in ACP options. You MUST settings option before running optimize images. All files will be overwrite then you cannot revert the file...
  7. Mouth

    Thumbnails only for large images

    We can restrict image size and dimension uploads, but with HD and Retina images being the norm today, you're constraining users and your sites attraction. I would like to see ACP options for max full image size/dimensions. Once this size/dimension is reached, the image can only be added/shown...
  8. truonglv

    Image Optimizer invite to testing

    Hi all, I have created Image Optimizer add-on and it is effect to real attachments then I want to make sure that all features work well. Currently, I have a few testers but noticed they feedback too slow as I need :oops:. Now i need more testers. There are some screenshots :whistle::whistle...
  9. G

    Modifying all RSS feeds

    I need all the RSS feeds from forum threads to be modified to have a separate tag for the images, like example below how can I do this? <media:content medium="image" url="www.website.com/image.jpg"></media:content>;
  10. BobbyWibowo

    [Endless Horizon] Advanced Open Graph 2.0.2

    How to purchase? Payment will be done through PayPal.Me (covered by PayPal Buyer/Seller Protection) but I'll have to manually confirm the payment before you can receive the installation file. Depending on whether your PayPal account is verified or not, PayPal may hold your payment under review...
  11. M

    New Gallery Add-on

    Hi all Just want to get some feed back on a gallery add-on i have made. So if anyone would like to take a look here http://www.addonsrus.com/index.php?gallery/ You will need to signup to fully test this out. And give me some feed back before i release this to everyone. Some of the functions...
  12. v8td

    Upload photo from clipboard?

    Exists or is it possible to create an xenforo addon that instead of "Upload a File", will have a "Upload from clipboard" feature for images? I often use snipping tool... Maybe a modal window, like that for inserting an URL... where i can specify the filename? I see so many features like "quote...
  13. Allan

    Custom Picture in Posts - ThemesCorp.com 1.0.1

    This add-on lets you add a picture in your posts! In the options of the add-on, you can determine the opacity and size of the picture. An usergroup permission has been added to manage the user groups who can upload an image. Each user can choose the location of his picture in his messages...
  14. OakleyForum

    XF 1.5 Resize Previously Uploaded Images to New Restricted Dimensions?

    I just set restricted attachment dimensions as images have begun to take over our storage. I understand XF will resize any images to these dimensions moving forward - however is there any way to apply these dimensions to the ~150K or so attachments already in storage? Thanks!
  15. G

    MG 1.1 Automatic resizing

    I would be interested in removing the upload limits on size for users, but rather have a automatic resizing when the image have been added is this possible?
  16. L

    Setting profile image to URL

    Hi, I would like to use a URL pointing to images I have hosted on Amazon S3 for user's profile pictures. Users have control over their profile pics disabled - the only way to alter them will be from our main site where we have our own profile pic management. I'm using the RESTFUL API...
  17. XFA

    [XFA] Image Slider 3.0.0

    Requirements XenForo > 1.4.x Description Image Slider allows you to add a slider on your forum that will showcase your products, highlight announcements, advertise, or whatever goes through your mind... Features Unlimited number of sliders creation from admin (NEW IN 3.0.0) Permission...
  18. dougdirac

    XF 1.5 vB4 groups image attachments

    In vBulletin 4.2.3, there is a (pretty sad) stock groups function, and one of its features is a group gallery where members of the group can upload image attachments to a common gallery. As far as I can tell these are stored in vB as standard attachments. Are these attachments imported by the...
  19. Cyb3r

    XF 1.5 Images are not showing after removing image proxy

    I was using image proxy when I was on SSL connection, but now I don't need it anymore, when I disable the feature the images show like this: And this is the image link:
  20. Dadparvar

    XF 1.5 How to let guests view images

    Hi, In XFRM there is an option in usergroup permissions named "View resource images". Is there any similar behavior for forum's threads? We don't let guests download attachments but want to let them see images, even when they click on thumbnails they see images in LightBox. Regards, Hamed