Cannot reproduce Image width dialog read only after scroll


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Affected version
Steps to repro:
  1. Click edit in existing post (must have replies below it)
  2. Position page so bottom of image you wish to resize is near the bottom of your screen
  3. Click image
  4. Click resize icon
  5. Resize dialog opens, but is displayed below visible screen.
  6. Scroll page up using middle mouse wheel
Expected result:
  • Should be able to interact with dialog after scrolling page
Actual result:
  • Unable to interact with dialog (cannot click width textbox or update button)
This is with Chromium based browser and XF 2.1.1.
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We are now running a more recent version of Froala here.

Can you still reproduce this? I just tried with the steps you provided, and I couldn't seem to.

If you can create an example thread in our Test Messages forum here hopefully you will find it is resolved. If not, then I'll have a better test case to try.
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