XF 2.2 Attachment image width/height settings only affecting height


I'll create a bug post if it is one but I'm a brand new user so not sure if it is a bug:


The width and height fields in the Maximum attachment image dimensions options are only affecting the height of the image.

Set width to 1000 it resizes the height to 1000
Set height to 1000 it resizes the height to 1000
Set both to 1000 it resizes the height to 1000

I only have one addon - s9e media - the problem is still there when the addon is disabled.

Thanks for the reply. The image measures 1170 x 2532, I want all images to be a maximum of 1000 wide. No matter where I put max 1000 in the above settings it is resizing the height to 1000 and adjusting the width accordingly. In this case the image ends up at 463 x 1000.
If I leave height blank it sets the height to 1000 and the image ends up at 463 x 1000, exactly the same as when I leave width blank and set the height to 1000.
The image should be coming out at something like 1000 x 2300
In that case you have to set width to at least 1000 and height to at least 2300. Otherwise the image must be resized to be within your options.

But, strange that leaving height blank seems to set a default value of 1000 (as you say). 🤔
Can you try 0 instead of blank? I'm just curious if by leaving blank it is defaulting to the one entered in the other box and if 0 will work as a variable.
If it is the same result it's either a bug or they have a reason for doing it this way, which you can find out by reporting it. In which case maybe they can update the language.
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