CustomImgCaptcha: Spam Combat 2.4.1

CustomImgCaptcha: Spam Combat 2.4.1 2.4.1

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Another great product from tenants!!!

A simple and easy product toinstall, a must, for beating spambots.

Thoroughly recommend this add-on for Xenforo
This mod has DRAMATICALLY dropped the amount of spammers that get on my board. My mods dont have anything to do! We also use it as a bit of a knowledge test as my forums are industry specific and require a minimum knowledge.
Allowing questions to be specified in text would be nice - otherwise, very well thought out.
The text is phrased, so you can change the text using the core. But if you want to change the text for each image, this is exactly how CAPTCHAS are solved with automation (that would be very bad design, and we would be back at the same problem as Q&A...the bots would solve them). The text should never indicate what the image question relates to (unless you want bots to get through)... Please mention enhancements in threads rather than reviews, it's much easier to communicate there.
Moderated spammers went from 1-3 per day to zero once installed. I'm happy.
Brilliant add-on, stopped my spam straight away :)
Great spam stopper!
I have used this add-on for 3 weeks with custom Arabic images, and the result is: 0 spam. Hundreds of Bot attempts but no one has complete registration. Bravo Tenants.
I hope the humans still find it easy... it's worth checking your logs and looking at the fails that aren't bots (if there are any)
Nicely done. XF should buy it from you and implement into core ;)
Excellent plugin, thanks.
Just gets better ;)
Great at fighting spam. :)
Now I am sure I will get rid of Bots. Thanks for this amazing Captcha.
Greatly reduced spam.
works perfect
Great added features on this version!
Love this resource! Thank you! :)