Calendar 6.1

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  1. Added User Group Permissions.
  2. Changed URL structure for displaying the Calendar, now using route prefix.
  3. Works with Friendly or non-Friendly URLs.
  4. Month selector for adding calendar events changes to current month by default.
  5. Using POST instead of GET when switching Calendar pages, the URL is shorter.
  6. Added additional CSS code for easier customization.
  7. Fixed minor alignment issues.
Added conditional so that bots don't see calendar-add and calendar-remove links.

I noticed in my Logwatch that bots were picking up the calendar-add and calendar-remove links. This has now been fixed by adding a conditional to the Template Modification.
Added ability to show calendar events to guests.
Removed Style Properties because some members were getting errors.

The three options deal with the Added to Calendar information displayed while viewing a thread.
Coding error. I'm reuploading version 1.8.

If you are one of the five that have just downloaded v1.8, please download this new version.

Fixed calendar link issue. Added tool-tip to calendar events.
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Fixed problem where link pointed to my forum instead of the host forum.
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Added style properties, permissions and other code improvements.
Added ability for users to hide the Calendar Events for eight hours. Also fixed permission problem.
Added start of week option. Added allowing up to three admins to add and remove calendar entries.