Resources by Liam W

Unmaintained XenForo Updater
Relatively quick updates, all from the comfort of your admin control panel.
Unmaintained Post Macros 4.3.2
Canned Responses/Quick Responses/Thread Templates
Unmaintained Yubikey Two Factor 1.0.1
Yubikey Two Factor Implementation
Unmaintained No Increase in User Post Count 2.1.0
An updated and fixed version...
Unmaintained 410 Gone 1.0.0
Those things are gone... So tell people that.
Unmaintained Resource Delete Post Content 1.0.0
Allow the resource delete post to be customised at delete time...
Unmaintained Show Controller Details 1.0.4
Now you know what those unknown pages really are...
Unmaintained IP Ban List 1.0.1
Plain text list of banned IPs.
Unmaintained Bitcoin BBCode 1.0.0
Receive bitcoins.
Unmaintained Simple Banned 1.0.1
Why show banned users all those nice graphics?
Unmaintained Split Reply Permission 1.0.0
Can reply to own thread, can reply to others' thread.
Unmaintained Prefix Expiry 1.0.0
Expire/replace prefixes.
Unmaintained Find New Thread No Content 1.0.1
Show thread titles in find new without content permission...
Unmaintained Simple Refer 1.0.1
A simple referral system.
Unmaintained Conversation Reply Permission 1.0.0
Choose who can reply to conversations...
Unmaintained Canonical Tags 1.0.0
Canonicalise those tags!
Unmaintained External Link Warning 1.0.0
Warn users about external links, but allow them to disable it...
Unmaintained Reassign Own Resource 1.0.0
Allow users' to reassign their own resources.
Unmaintained XenForo License Validation 2.0.0
Validate the XenForo licenses of your members (for some reason...)
Unmaintained No Password Confirmation 1.0.0
Remove the confirm password box... For some reason.
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