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Unmaintained Post Macros 4.3.2

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This addon is now released under the AGPL 3.0 license, and available to download from GitHub.
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  • Fixed title insertion for embedded macro select modes
  • Fix variable placeholders not resolving
Reactions: Sunka and eva2000
  • No longer overrides thread title
  • Improve prefix & locking system
  • Improve compatibility with non-friendly URL sites
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This version adds two new macro button modes, that are even more integrated into the editor.

One of them just moves the existing button out of the insert drop down, the other has the button outside of the insert menu, but it also adds the list of macros into an editor drop down (like the insert drop down).


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This update adds an insert macro button directly to the editor. Specifically, into the 'Insert' drop down. Just enable it in the Macros options category.


Fix SQL error added in last version...
This version changes a few things and adds one more:
  • The admin macros page is now paginated.
  • You can now view all user macros in the admin panel, and filter them per user. You can edit them & reassign them as well as add a new user macro for a user.
  • The macros admin areas are now in the Applications tab.
Fix inability to edit or delete macros.
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There is now a new macro mode system:
  • Default Only
  • Opt In + Default
  • Opt In
  • Opt Out
They're described on the options page.

There is also an option to collapse macros on the macro page, saving space on the page and downloading less data per request.
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This version fixes a possible server error with badly coded third party add-ons, as well as adding two new features:
  • Admin macros display order
    Admin macros can now have a display order, and if you're using XF 1.3.0+, you can even change the order of your admin macros via drag and drop (it uses the same system as the smilie list).
  • User option to hide 'other' macro drop downs
    Users can now choose to hide the macro selector in all other areas, which are areas not listed currently. This option is only shown if you have enabled the option to enable macros globally.
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