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Unmaintained XenForo License Validation 2.0.0

Validate the XenForo licenses of your members (for some reason...)

  1. Liam W
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.2
    • 1.3
    Visible Branding:
    This add-on is marked as unmaintained. I may update it at a later date, but I might not.

    This addon allows you to verify the XenForo licenses of your members.

    There is a nice front-end UI that allows a user to enter their API token and domain.

    The admin can set these options:


    The API key will be saved to the database if the option is enabled (it is by default), and you can require a unique API key to be provided (will only work if API's are saved).

    You can also require the domain to be the domain for the API key.

    Finally, the addon will also check licenses every X days, and if they're no longer valid then the user will be removed from the usergroup.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Da Bookie Mon
    Da Bookie Mon
    Version: 1.4.2
    Had to uninstall due to non-support for this add-on. Reported a loophole on how you could still register using xF's external account feature without having your license checked. This report went ignored and has still not been fixed or even replied or addressed.
    1. Liam W
      Author's Response
      Hi Mike,

      I recently started Sixth Form after a large summer holiday. This has meant I have a lot less free time than I had, which has meant my responsiveness has decreased.

      I don't ignore people, and I would (and will) respond when I get around to it.

  2. btfstone
    Version: 1.2.4
    very useful