Resources by Hoffi

[cv6] Custom Field Extension Hoffi
Unmaintained [cv6] Custom Field Extension 1.1.0 Release Candidate 3
Images as custom fields and other tools.
[cv6] Node Icons & Tools Hoffi
Unmaintained [cv6] Node Icons & Tools 1.3.2
easy change the node icons and collapse categories
[cv6] Notice Countdown Hoffi
Unmaintained [cv6] Notice Countdown 1.0.0
Adds the possibility to add a day countdown in a notice.
[cv6] Dice Roller Hoffi
Unmaintained [cv6] Dice Roller 2.4.0 Release Candidate
Manage Dice, and Systems and roll them in a post with calculation of fail or success.
[cv6] Core Hoffi
Unmaintained [cv6] Core 1.1.1 Release Candidate
Core addon to combine some cross addon functionality
[cv6] Letter Index Hoffi
Unmaintained [cv6] Letter Index 1.0
adds a letter index filter to forum and/or resource category
[cv6] New Post Icon Hoffi
Unmaintained [cv6] New Post Icon 1.0.1
Displays an icon in front of threads with new posts
Make BB-Code Toggler more visible Hoffi
With this small change you can give your BB-Code Toggler Button the attention that it deserves.
Unmaintained [h] NodesAsTabs as Tab 1.0
This tiny AddOn will move the Node-Settings from Nodes as Tabs to his own tab
[h] Roll Dice Hoffi
Unmaintained [h] Roll Dice RC2
Roll Dice in your Posts and see the results with win/loss
[h] Collapse Admin Lists including Nodes Hoffi
Some large Lists can now collapsed inside the ACP, including the Node List
[h] Choose default Profile Tab Hoffi
Unmaintained [h] Choose default Profile Tab 1.0.1
You can set the tab, which is open if a visitor opens a profile page
[h] ModeratorView Hoffi
Unmaintained [h] ModeratorView 1.1b
Show moderators in thread, forum and nodelist
[h] PiwikIntegration Hoffi
Unmaintained [h] PiwikIntegration 1.0
Integrate Piwik Stats
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