AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2

AMPXF - AMP for Xenforo 2 1.4.9

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This one includes a fix where the second load of a page would break the style so it looked like this (if within pageCache time):

Instead of the intended:

This problem only happened on a few forums, and seems to be related to stricter pageCache rules.
If you're already on XF 2.2 (or planning to upgrade soon): Don't like this update as it is irrelevant for you :)

Guys, I had a slight epiphany moment and think I might have figured out a way that we could support 2.1 alongside 2.2 without too much extra maintenance work (No promises yet though).

Before we start doing that I would want to know how many of you actaully would need a 2.1 version.

If you are still using XF 2.1 and don't plan to upgrade to 2.2. anytime soon (and ofc, you want this addon): Put a like on this update and we will see if it makes sense to put in the extra rework that would be needed to support the 2.1 version.
  • Add support for AddonsLab/Classifieds (XenAddons/Showcase variant)
  • Removed advanced option to remove inline styles
  • Shrunk styles a lot
  • Fix problem with some iframes
  • Limit amp-iframes to not be larger that viewport size
This fix was to fix a few problems where stylesheet size was just above allowed limitations for Showcase
The author stylesheet specified in tag 'style amp-custom' is too long - document contains 750XX bytes whereas the limit is 75000 bytes
This fix makes the link in "load previous comments" go to the post itself on the "real page", where it will work to load more comments with Ajax.
Thanks @rdn for reporting this :) 👍
  • Added support for @xffutureuser's [UW] Forum Comments System
  • Small bugfix where ad-positions set to "show every X post" would break the padding between posts.
  • Added support for XenAddons/Showcase
  • Style header image fix for UBS/AMS/RMS
  • Review items now also have AMP pages
  • Small style fixes
  • Support for Blog Entries in XenAddons/UBS
  • Shrink styles slightly
  • Strip out invalid markup mega-menu-target=""
    • grrrr @ however has made that part of their addon/theme
  • Fix some AMS styling things
  • Fixed a bug where [img] with set width/height would render skewed aspect ratio
    • Big thanks to @thomas1 for noticing this :) 👍
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