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Unmaintained [8WR] XenPorta (Portal) 1.6.0

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One of the top adds to xenforo!! This is simple great. Thanks for you exelent work.
Really handy addon that is a good way to have a portal without the need for using specialist portals like WordPress or Joomla and subsequently no bridge required :)
As highlighted by other reviewers, this add-on conflicts with Waindigo add-ons due to programming that shows a complete lack of respect/consideration for other developers. No developer is bigger than the system and behaviour like this should be actively discouraged. I look forward to this being fixed as soon as possible.
(See: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/8wayrun-com-xenporta-portal.26838/page-38#post-377529)
Claiming this is a poorly coded add-on because ONE WORD is wrong in the entire code is asinine. I've already stated before that this ONE WORD has been fixed for the next release. I am not going to release an entire update early just to fix ONE WORD. Maybe if you stopped being a **** and simply told YOUR USERS to change this ONE WORD, instead of encouraging your users starting a campaign against me, I would be more respectful of your complaints.
The Main Portal page wont keep recent news on it. It keeps disappearing.
You're not using the add-on correctly. You are editing your PERSONAL layout, edited on the portal page, which is stored by cookies. The GLOBAL layouts are edited in the admin CP.
Conflicts with other addons.
I like, but this addon is causing knock-on issues with my other addons. This *would* be a 5 star addon, but is too disruptive to other important features. Please seek Waindigo's advice.
Still awesome....
Works like is should!
Great addon, support is pretty bad though.
i love how simple it is and the different blocks you can add and how easily you can change their placing. the recentslider block is very cool.
Here's to a must have add-on for XF. Image slider, and promote thread and news archive is easy to use. Would like to see this add-on improved and supported for a long time to come. Keep up the good work!
Changed rating after working with it for quite some time.
High Quality addon, but with practically no support from the author lately, uninstall issues.
Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! So for the repetitive Phrase be it is simple Awesome! Thank You So much.
Upgraded today and this latest version is fantastic.
Most of my mods on my forum are from XenPorta. Everything works perfectly and so usefull
Great mod. Bad support. Think since the author always claims these mods as only source of income, he would give better support to encourage more to use and donate.
Nothing else comes close to this. The only thing is I wish there were more different kinds of blocks!
Once my financial situation improves, you WILL be receiving a donation. Great work and a great add-on.
Great addon, works amazing.
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