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Unmaintained [8WR] XenPorta (Portal) 1.6.0

Portal, News and Articles... and a widget framework.

  1. XenPorta 2.0 Portal & Widget Framework Crowd-Fund!

    The original version of XenPorta 1.0 was released a short four days after the open beta of the XenForo platform. It was created in order to fill the needs that people had with the platform and the lack of a front-page for their forums. XenPorta was released for free, because I was new to the platform and didn't feel comfortable charging for an under-produced and impossible to support piece of software. Some time later, I released XenPorta 1.5, which tacked a rudimentary widget framework onto...
  2. Version 1.6.0 CHANGELOG

    • Comments in article views are now responsive.
    • RecentNews: fixed the pager for when routes get changed.
    • RecentFeatures: the old block no longer worked in xf1.2 due to jQuery deprecation. A new block has been included which uses bxSlider. This new slider looks different, but is functionaly the same. If you want it to look similar to the old slider, just add the following code to your extra.css:
    #recentFeatures .recentFeatures ul li {...
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  3. Version 1.5.9 CHANGELOG

    This update is mainly to bring XenForo 1.2 compatibility to XenPorta.

    KNOWN BUG: There is a bug that existed in the beta/rc version of XF1.2 that was caused by a spelling error in the Facebook block. I had incorrectly spelled the template "EWRblock_FaceBook.css" as "EWRblock_Facebook.css". XF did not know how to handle case-sensitivity in template titles and it threw the error "Template titles must be unique".

    I believe that Kier fixed this bug in the public release because I...
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  4. 1.5.8a HOTFIX

    Well since so many people complained, the auto-promote feature of the RecentNews block has been put back in. I honestly didn't think it would be that much of an issue, but people came up with many valid reasons why the feature should remain. This should also fix issues with the relative few of you who are still using the now unsupported and deprecated RecentSlider block.
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  5. Version 1.5.8 CHANGELOG

    This update changes the way the "RecentNews" block works. In order to improve performance across your entire forum, the "auto-promote" feature from defined forums has been removed... instead, only manually promoted threads will appear in the article lists. Getting rid of this feature may add a small amount of work (2 clicks) to promote a thread to an article, but it also saves TWO queries for EVERY thread view. Because of this, I made the decision to get rid of this feature. Please be aware...
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  6. Version 1.5.7 CHANGELOG

    If you use XenAtendo or XenRio, you should upgrade those mod before upgrading this mod.
    • BoardTotals: block has been changed to show rich usernames.
    • Facebook: as most of you know, facebook stopped supporting their fan box last month... so the block has been updated with Facebook's new like box. Unfortunately, facebook no longer permits custom CSS in their blocks, so I have done my best to make it look nice.
    • Twitter: small changes in order to match the...
  7. Version 1.5.6 CHANGELOG

    There are a lot of fundamental changes to this version. Please read all the patch notes before you ask questions.

    File structure for many block files have changed. I have done this to make it easier to group files that have to do with the portal, and files that have to do with individual blocks. Before you upload this new version, you should review the file structure of files on your existing install.​

    You may wish to delete the current...​
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  8. Version 1.5.5 CHANGELOG

    • Apparently, XenForo's built-in tabs scripting interferes with jQuery UI's tabs scripting. This would essentially break any feature sliders that appear on the same page as a XenForo tabs system. This has been addressed by making a few small changes in the jQuery UI javascript file (.tabs renamed to .jQtabs). Depending on how caching is done on your server, users may have to wait a bit before they retrieve the new javascript file.
    • RecentAttachments: new block with a rotating...
  9. Version 1.5.4 CHANGELOG

    • A check has been put in to reduce queries for unpromoted threads/forums.
    • Added some missing phrases.
    • Some slight style changes to make it work with more skins.
    • RanksTopList: Added this block for XenTorneo users to display a toplist for a selected league.
    • RecentFeatures: Added a brand new slider! This one is MUCH nicer than the old one!
    • RecentNews: Ellipses are now automatically added to prebreaked text; makes things look more professional....
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  10. Version 1.5.3 CHANGELOG

    • Added a function, so that if people overwrite their <1.5.0 files, the new install files can still uninstall the old versions.
    • Category pages will now canonicalize correctly.
    • Forum Index RSS feed will no longer spout an error if you don't have SEO friendly urls enabled.
    • Added a "sticky" option in the RecentNews block. If enabled, any "sticky" that is also an article, will be pinned to the top of the recent news block.
    • Recent News block now supports thread prefixes....