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Awesome! Pure, pure awesome!
I'd love some more development FAQ/Getting Started type pages, to ease custom blocks/etc.
YouTube videos are great, I hope there are more to come
I saw many improvements in this version than xenporta for free. Although somewhat difficult to use for beginners, I appreciated your ability to think, this is rating from me after know custom xenporta pro. However, the issue of support is not really good, always ignore the questions of others.
Anyone who is running a decent sized board should definitely grab this. Makes your forum a lot more versatile and definitely helps bring any forum out from being just your plain old forum.
Really happy with this add-on. I bought it, installed it and within an hour had it almost exactly how I wanted it, so I bought the branding free! Saved me lots and lots of hassle installing and styling a wordpress blog for the front end.

I'd prefer if the sliders where fully responsive, but if everything worked perfectly I wouldn't be looking forward to future releases would I?
It is responsive in the next version... you can see it in action here: http://8wayrun.com/
Good addon but support very very terrible. should consider before spend for this addon because you don't have receive support sincere from author (support reluctantly). The first time was the last time I buy addon from Jaxel ... A developer wretched ... I'm very disappointed!
I answered your questions... other people in the thread answered your questions. How is that bad support?
Got this a couple of days ago, then accidentally bought it again when I meant to buy unbranding for the licence I already bought. Jaxel responded quickly and resolved the issue immediately without any hassle. So far the addon itself seems to do exactly what it says it does and I have no problems with it. Planning to buy more of his addons in future.
Software is excellent in the end. Learning curve is more than it should be and the FAQ could be updated. Seems fast and strong from a technical standpoint. Support seems it comes with a bit of a rough edge, but like the software eventually gets the job done. Would get a 5/5 if I could count on better documentation/support for customizing and learning. Remains the best portal add-on at the time of writing this in my opinion.
This is a really good system for forum article and layout management. It offers functionality that other plugins just don't match.

The article/feature system offers a great way to highlight content in visually appealing wrappers. It can be a bit confusing to use at times as there are a lot of controls, but the controls are good.

The layout management is robust. It would be nice to have some more customization of positioning, but for what it offers, as visually as it does, this is amazing. No other plugin matches how easy this is to use, with this flexibility. That being said, it would be even more awesome if the configuration were streamlined a bit more - but as it is, it offers a lot of functions.

Some of the styles may appear a little strange with some XenForo themes. It would be nice to see a style properties panel added to the XenForo admin cp. For example, on my forum there is a difference with hyperlink styling in messages and the color palette styling, but XenPorta only recognizes the palette styling.

I'm sure people who could code, or are very familiar with CSS can go beyond what XenPorta can offer. But for those who are not, or who are looking for something useable, stable, robust, and flexible, XenPorta is it.

The last thing I would as for, is better written documentation. There are several videos on YouTube by jax (which are not even linked here), but written documentation would go a long way too. -- that gives me an idea, maybe i'll try to help write stuff up.
I took my time to review this addon to test it well. I was curious to see how the promotion of articles could be done in the second version. The idea of splitting promotion in two is clever: the featured promotions makes content goes into the slider, the normal promotions make content goes into the main items list.

Moreover the promotion date and image management is really easy to use, which is a great asset for redactors. The custom article layout is convenient as well and can be setup in a few clicks.

So the UI for this addon is really good. The experience coming from the many years of development of the first version is clearly visible.

But the biggest surprise of this addon is coming from the widgets module. It works well and since the development interface reuses a part of the XenForo options interface, it's really cool and easy to play with. I can't say about performance but in terms of coding, that's the easiest I've used (I've of course used the one from xFrocks but also the one from Guiltar that stayed at an alpha version). And the idea of a "options set" section makes things easy for admins to customize the layouts of their website pages.

To start with this addon, you need to watch the videos, at least the first one. It will be easier after to set options. The Faq is also useful. For foreigners like me, don't fear the first the second of the videos. Jaxel accent made me reminded when I was in Ireland and didn't understand a word (Cork accent or even Dublin ones can be really tricky). But after he sneezed, everything was easier to understand ^^

Here's for the good part. For the bad one, it's a personal point of view but I think 50 dollars for the license removal is expensive. And the solution to only "hide" the license (in the readme file) letting a trackback didn't seem fair. Of course there's also the intense debate about Jaxel past behavior. People don't change, they just put more make-up. But Jaxel is currently trying to make amends and he communicates more ; which has to be put to his credit.

So thanks for this addon, it's a good one.
Had all but given up on this arriving, but it was worth the wait. I did have a few troubles getting it set-up but I encourage everyone to watch jaxels's you tube vids, they explain everything in great detail.
Good functionality, not so easy to setup if you're not a XF/addon veteran. A Widget Framework style FAQ would go a long way into making it a bit more pleasant to administer.
Front end looks and works brilliantly.
Admin, especially the widget setup seems a tad too convoluted for what it is - install a widget, add options sets (name confused the heck out of me and it turned to simply mean widget instances), link it to the layout, then edit within the layout. That's 4 steps and an awful lot of clicking needed on per widget bases.
Would love to see ability to link the raw code widget to a template, again WF style - makes things so much pleasant to work with and keeps the code tidy and in one place. Even in the event of addon failure or user screw up you don't end up with missing bits and having to do a full backup restore. If the option is there, I've missed it.
Definitely worth the money if you have the time or knowledge to make it work.
A powerful product that has a steep learning curve, but a lot of depth. Definitely worth the $40. Allows you to quickly create content management pages (including a nice portal) as well as extend content frameworks into the core of the xenForo forums (if you desire). A decent amount of drag and drop widgit support, with new widgits likely on the way. Highly recommend!
Don't buy this add on. Xenporta 2 is not bad but the support is really bad. Besides the mark of the author is upset and remove it costs 50 dollars, would total 90 dollars. When another application portal is a bit more expensive as $ 60 but no branding and support is excellent.

Don't buy Xenporta 2
There is NOT A SINGLE post from you on this thread asking for support. So how can you claim the support is bad?
Very nice Article System & Widget Framework. Is worth the money, especially if you have some skills to customize the addon yourself.

The support is okay, when it comes to fixing bugs and quirks, but not like Russ-level of support, for those of us used to that. Updates are a bit slow, and no new features/very few widgets have been added since release.
Its FAR easier to give support for skins than it is for actual PHP code. Updates are slow right now because there are no "urgent" updates required. And the lack of "new" widgets included since release is irrelevant. No other widget framework comes with over 30 included widgets... there are really very few "must-have" widgets that need to be included anyways.
Great addon. XP2 is way better and faster than XP1.6. This is worth the $40 you will have to pay.
Must have add-on to XenForo if you ask me.
Thank you Jaxel for your hard work.
Really like this addons. I used XP1, and I decided to upgrade to XP2 for my site. I think there are many change in the near future.

Thanks so much Jaxel!
I chose this add-on because I really liked the look of it. There was a bit of a learning curve as a new guy to all this stuff, but Jaxel has put up videos that will lead you through the process and the FAQ will answer most commonly asked questions (my questions). :)

I do not utilize this add-on for it's widgets so I can't comment on that, but more for the promoted articles, and featuring threads. In that regard it has worked great for me!

Currently, I have no issues, and Jaxel has given great support.
Really, really happy with new XenPorta. Easy to promote content to the front page, looks great, and much easier to modify than Xenporta 1. Thanks for your hard work.
I have been looking for something for the front end of my website to show left and right side panels as well as a slider for showing news and events!

XenPorta 2 is nothing short of amazing and makes for a great addition to your xenForo Forums!

The support from the Developer of XenPorta 2 is nothing short of awesome always seems eager to help out.
One of the biggest things to me is how Developers of other Add-ons are eager to make custom Add-on Widgets work with XenPorta 2. Style creators are also just as willing to help make their custom styles work well with XenPorta 2 as well.

So you cannot go wrong with using this for your forums if it’s something you are looking for since the support is community wide throughout xenForo you cannot go wrong!

Just to be honest and playing it safe all the Developers and community members on the xenForo community forums seem eager to help out with just about anything… ;)
XenPorta2 is a huge upgrade from the hugely popular XenPorta addon. The amount of feedbacks that has taken into consideration by the author is amazing. The system is very user friendly with the new widget framework; which comes with a tons of pre-made widgets. I am sure the author will keep extending the list of widgets too as he deems fit.

Jaxel's support in XP2 is awesome and can now be said he is one of the most approachable developer in XF community. Anyone looking for a portal solution should consider this addon.
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