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Great Add-on, Keep up the good work you are doing. It was worth $40 to get it. I would highly recommend it.
I have tried many other portals both on XenForo and vBulletin to me Jaxel -8WayRun- has done a remarkable job adding functionality to this Portal addon which isn't just a Portal Addon it's an Article/News presenter and Widget Manager with a built in Slider.

It's also prepacked with a lot of useful widgets and there are a few addon and Style developers adding widgets to their addons made just for XenPorta 2

You can create multiple instances of the same Widget with Different Settings under Option Sets. My favorite is the HTML Widget! ;)

With release of XenPorta 2 version 1.2.2 you can now manage your Widget Layout with your mobile device be it a cell phone or tablet. The Widgets are simple to drag around and drop into place!
I had just upgraded from vBulletin 4 to XenForo and needed something to replace the vBulletin 4 CMS. XenPorta2 was perfect for this. All I wanted was the ability to give XenForo a front page which could show some news / recent events on it, along with recent forum posts from various different categories.

I found this very easy to achieve with XenPorta, Jaxel was very helpful in providing answers to my newbie questions when making a few customisations.
Like that Addon. It gives a lot of possibilities for your Forum, but because of Lack of Support it´s just a 3 Star.
If you don´t need any Support it can be what you are looking for.
I'm missing the Raw PHP widget. Besides that I love it. It has no issues with most themes. Lifetime support and works just flawless. Does exactly as it promises.
I am using this addon Xenporta 2 already on 2 of my sites since 9 months. For 3 additional sites I was first hesitating because there is another addon out there which has just recently added the portal features to its abilities. But after comparing both addons with each other, I decided to get also for my other 3 sites Xenporta 2. Why?

1. Xenporta 2 offers widgets implementation. Important for me to stay flexible in the future (advertisement etc.)
2. Xenporta looks more elegant in layout, more polished. This is important if you want to replace Wordpress or Joomla with it.
3. It works with the addon "scheduled content". With this combination, you have a real replecement of Wordpress and Joomla. See here: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/schedule-content-original-scheduled-post.2216/
4. It is cheaper than the competition. Cheaper price in USD and no renewal fee. If you run more than one site and have more than one payed addon on each site, this is an important factor.

To sum it up, I think that Xenporta 2 is at the moment the only addon that is focussing exactly on my needs without unnecessary clutter. Not more, not less.

It replaces Wordpress and Joomla for me. This is the only thing I expect and want to have from it.

And it does this very easy, very nice looking and very reliable. I hope it keeps this focus and only adds features which go even deeper with the intention to be the best replacement of Wordpress and Joomla without loosing its core strenghts. So please do not get distracted! Keep Focus, Focus, Focus. Also for the next version of Xenforo 2.x
I purchased this add on to give my forum a portal like many others, as it seems the best Xenforo solution at the moment without resorting to bridges to other CMS software.

I am a user of the orignal Xenporta 1.0 as a free add on, and my first impressions are that this paid 2.0 version more than justifys the price tag.

The orignal add on worked fairly smoothly with Xf, but this version intergrates even better and feels to be much more polished and like I would imagine KAM would have made a portal for XF if they did one.

I was a little confused at first by some of the way some features are named and the way they worked didn't seem that intuative at first, but after a bit of trial and error, understanding dawned and I was able to work with it. (Perhaps I was just used to other CMS systems?)

I have seen a fair few other reviews saying that Jaxel's support is poor, but I can't confirm or deny that, as I was able to get the portal working exactily as I wanted it with a combanation of reading the FAQs on the prpduct, searching the resource discussion and googling stuff, so I never had to ask for any support directly.

Overall, it gets a thumbs up from me and 5 stars as it does just what I wanted and I have encountered no errors or stumbling blocks, and I think the asking price is justified.
While XenPorta does offer some much needed features, they are poorly executed. After just a few usability trials, we ran into multiple cosmetic and severe issues. We had to manually adjust, insert and cut out code to overcome most of these issues, but we continue to run our heads into the underlying code, which looks like it was designed by a toddler. For the price of $40, this product narrowly escapes a 1-star review.
Most addons cant just magically work with all skins. As such, I've programmed my addons to make sure they look well using the default skins. If it looks odd on your skin, then thats something you need to work out on your own. Thats why there are a TON of style properties you can freely edit to make things look better for your skin.

But if you want to throw out insults instead of asking even a SINGLE support question on the discussion thread...
Very impressed with this add-on. Had previously tried XenPorta1, and was not happy - this versions seems to solve all those issues and more! Great integrated into the forum and a solid front-end. Wish I had started using this sooner!
I find this resource to be fantastic. Very customize able and many options that allows so much. Very impressive development when into this. "Kudos"!
A fantastic addition to my website and more importantly, the support is outstanding... If you cant get answers to your problems quickly, then whats the point.... The Dev stands by his product, has great tutorial videos and quick and concise in helping troubleshoot problems... Kudos!
One of the best add-ons of all times! Its gives that unique edge to my website, which differentiates it from loads of similar looking websites! Once you get the hang of thing, its incredibly flexible! Thank you for all the timely support and pains taken to maintain this Gem! Five starts all the way! Worth every penny! :) However, i do think, if it were priced around &25-$30, it will sell **** loads! All the best!
I am a new Xenforo customer after using vBulletin for over 10 years. The first 'add-on' I required for my website was a portal / article manager, and after doing my research I was a little hesitant to purchase XenPorta due to the supposed lack of support. However after reading the FAQs and especially watching the very helpful youtube videos by @Jaxel, I was totally sold on the software.

The quality is amazing, and I have been able to find all the answers to any configuration questions on the support thread. Support *is* sometimes a little demanding of advanced knowledge of Xenforo or CSS, but as an out-of-the-box solution, XenPorta just works flawlessly. It is extremely powerful, and it is up to the user to know what they are doing if they want an advanced configuration.

I look forward to seeing the development of this product continue, as I believe @Jaxel is an extremely talented developer and his software is very user friendly.
Love the add on, thanks for making it, worth the $40 in my opinion. Has great features and they are done to quality, would recommend!
The add-ons of 8wayrun.com work well, and are quite advanced with a fair bit of features. However: after purchasing, expect not much support. you get the product what you paid for, and you unfortunatly have to do with it. I can try reporting bugs or ask for support, but i feel ignored and dumb. I have gotten a reply back only a couple times with a short reply of where to find something i need to then fix myself. Not just theming/css. Like he tells me "go learn how to code".
I can understand that the person behind it is quite busy with his awesome add-ons, but yeah...i would wish for some support.

So -2 stars out because i feel you are alone after your purchase. i have gotten other add-ons, some cheaper, wich all come with ubersuper great support, and also very friendly. I don't ask for alot. i ask for explanation, report bugs or ask for a modification if its possible or difficult to do. i do not get replies back.

I will update the review if the situation changes :)
I love this addon. It allowed me to finally dump Wordpress and the bridge setup I was using, plus it is responsive and easy to configure. My reason for the three stars is that although I have repeatedly asked Jaxel to assist with the Recent Threads widget, I simply get brushed off.

The Recent Threads widget is "the built in one from XF", I keep getting told. It will not bold the new comments like the Recent comments block in the Xenporta 1 (free) version. I have been forced to keep Xenporta 1 active along with Xenporta 2, just to retain the ability to have all new comments bolded in the Recent Comments block in the sirdebar. So, the older, free version has this feature but the new, paid version does not? Jaxel will not make any siggestions or explain why the old, free Xenporta 1 block can bold all new comments and the new paid one cannot. This is annoying.

Jaxel basically brushes my questions off and has left me to fend for myself, despite paying the money for the addon. I have several paid addons, but the support is much better. A simple response of: "Please add this into EXTRA.css (along with code)" would help. The functionality exists because the free version has it.
XP1 doesn't use the "built-in XF widget" because at the time XP1 was written, the built-in XF widget didn't exist. So the one in XP1 I wrote myself. But now since XF1.3, there is a built-in recent posts widget, its the one we use. The built-in XF widget does not expose an "unread" property, so there is no simple CSS fix to make an unread post bold. I've told this to a dozen people by now, INCLUDING YOU.

That being said, this addon comes with 35+ widgets. Its also a widget framework, so that ANYONE can make their own widgets. You're docking this addon two starts because ONE widget doesn't operate exactly the way you want it to? If you need different widgets, make your own, or hire someone to make you one.
I really enjoy this resource! I feel that any community should have this. My only question is this: I don't want to have the "Home" tab there anymore. So essentially, I just want to remove it and have just "Forums", etc. How would I go about doing this? I seen it once but forgot where and how it's done.

Keep up the great work and thank you!
Quality - A+

Have no issue installing and/or using the add-on. Work's as mentioned and updates are perfect. I get auto email notification on each update.

Features are well mentioned in the description and it work's as expected.

Now my only wish is add-on should have one link for credit and not 2. Currently one URL points to this add-on page and another to his website. Please if possible make one link.

Also while using teamspeak block it says "Provided by InstantTeamspeak.com". Would be nice not to have that since my teamspeak isn't from them. It's just one kind of advertising through the block.
The teamspeak widget is provided by InstantTeamspeak. If you dont want to see their text, then don't use their widget.
After struggling for over a year to make WordPress work as front end that would serve as a launching point to both the forum and user generated articles I stumbled across XenPorta 2. The original XP wasn't right for me, I looked at other article and zine systems and none really fit my needs, so I felt forced to WordPress.

XP2 is a revelation. It's intuitive, easy to install and configure (watch the videos and read the threads, 99% of what you need is there and the author will respond to the other 1% (and even to the 99% already covered, but do us all a favor and let's try to limit Qs to those that are unanswered).

What I have now makes wonderful use of the Xenforo core to present as if I have a much more full bodied CMS than I actually do. This is a great thing. The ability to customize widgets, move them about as you please, spread them into parts of the core forum areas -- it's all fantastic. No more aggressive WP upgrade schedule, no more having to bridge (or suffer a divide) between different databases and user sets. Complete freedom to make your front/article pages look as you please, and it's a breeze to promote threads into articles and/or features.

This is exactly what I wanted all along, and I couldn't be happier (well, only if it had existed 3-4 years ago when I left vB).

Works brilliantly with xf1.5, plays well with everything from s9e's media embedding to Bob's SportsBook, and the drag and drop layout manipulation is so well done. Home run by Jaxel, and well worth the wait.
I have bought this, but i can't find the download for it? It just says purchase at top.. Anyone got an idea why?? I need to download it :P And great addon anyways.
After you purchase, the addon is emailed directly to you.
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