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[XFA] RM Donations - Gently ask your users for a paypal or bitcoin donation when they click to download a free resource.

  • XenForo 2.1
  • XenForo Resource Manager 2.1
This add-on lets you prompt a popup under your user mouse when they hover the download button on the resource page.

Through the Resource Categories configuration system, the administrator select in which categories donations can be requested and for each each of these categories if donations should:
  • use the paypal address set in the admincp through options;
  • use the paypal...

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This is a really useful addon. One question/possible feature request: When I set a category to allow users to set their own donation address, it seems it's done per resource rather than for all their resources in that category. On our site, a few authors have already posted several hundred resources and it would be pretty tedious to go back and set the donation address on all their existing ones manually. Is there an easy way for them to do this or would this have to be done through running some SQL queries?
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