XF2 Lightbox Improvement Suggestions


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There's two things I'm finding a little frustrating about the new lightbox on mobile.

First is the behaviour for showing and hiding the controls. It seems you've sped up the time until it goes invisible. This can get quite annoying if you're trying to read the image title and posting data at the bottom as it disappears so quickly. I can see this also being frustrating for new users trying to figure out what the icons are to find out which does what.

I propose the time is increased again, but also that an action is added where if you tap while the controls are visible it will hide them, so the user has full control over whether they want to hide or show it instead of solely relying on a hard coded time constraint. Most other image and video light box controls seem to be like this and feel much better to use as a result.

The second suggestion is adding pinch to zoom support. IIRC the reason it's not there is because it's not part of the library?

If so, please consider adding it. Mobile users will try to pinch to zoom, and I'm pretty sure it will frustrate them and may lead them to believe the software is buggy when it spazzes out between the two fixed zoom levels.