Implemented Make it easy to exit the lightbox on mobiles?


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Lightbox on 2.2 seems to only exit when you press the close button at the top right of the display. I assume this is because it now supports pinch to zoom which was not available earlier? On 2.1, it seems to also exit when you click on empty space around the image. Though this option does not seem to be available when you are watching a slideshow. On smartphones, it can get a bit annoying to reach the top right of the display if you are holding the phone with one hand. Was just wondering if something can be done about this. Like moving controls at the bottom? Or a floating close button? I have no idea. The thing is that back button/gesture on the phone does not just exit the lightbox, it takes you back to the previous page. So if back button worked for closing the lightbox... this could have helped a lot. Just putting this out there for feedback.
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You can swipe down on the image or in the space surrounding it to close the lightbox. Which is a pretty standard lightbox/image dismiss gesture from native apps, and really quite nice IMO.

With videos this only works on the space around the video though. Not sure if that's an embed limitation.

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Indeed that is the case. On the basis that there is an equivalent behaviour I think we'll close this. It's a third party library so there won't be much of a desire to attempt to replicate the old behaviour.