Show attachment size in the lightbox!


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Current version of XenForo seems to only show file size when the images are attached to posts and not embedded (apart from the admin panel). File size is not even shown in the lightbox which seems like a good place to show this information. I understand that file size is not really useful information for the end user. But as an admin, if I find an attachment that is unreasonable large attached to a post, I try to optimize it.

XenForo by default has no major tools to optimize images except to resize the file dimensions. I understand that there are paid addons that can process images at time of upload, or convert pngs to jpgs. I plan to get one of these tools eventually.

Anyhow… Just putting it out there. Showing file size information somewhere in the frontend would be helpful. Thanks!

PS: I did watch the video released today. I do not seem to recall if it showed the 2.2 lightbox or even how non-embedded images are shown in posts. Going to check it again now.

Update: So the preview bar does show the file size! Lightbox did not make an appearance so keeping this suggestion alive. Edited the title.
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