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@Jaxel , So far no errors. How would I test if youtube is working though? Just to make sure.....if a channel is added and they're live on youtube, they won't show up until they end and go live again, correct even if I force scrape? and that error i posted earlier would happen if a new user adds their youtube channel?

Does the URL HAVE to include the /live bit when they add it even if they aren't live? or would something like: https://www.youtube.com/@SaintedWhisper be sufficient?
You can add a channel by /channel url, /user url, /@slug url... as well as any single video from that channel.

When a channel is scraped, it will find ALL live streams for that channel. So if a channel has multiple live streams, it will list them all.

I am working on lowering the API quota usage right now, seeing as how some people don't have 100,000 quota points like I do...
Forcing a scrape will add it.
I did that and it didn't add the stream I had added....very confused.

I also can no longer scrape or force scrape, whenever I do, I get an error about the cron job and this is what I get in the admin panel when i try to force scrape:


I'm at a loss on what's going on.
Jaxel updated XF2 [8WR] XenRio 2 (Streams) PRO with a new update entry: - CHANGELOG

  • YouTube integration has been changed once again. Apparently, Google only gives new developers 10,000 quota points per day, which is far less than the 100,000 I have. Searching for live streams on a single YouTube channel nearly blows this entire quota. If you have multiple YouTube channels, then you're screwed. So I've had to refactor the code to being a hybrid between API and HTTP scraping calls.
  • YouTube live streams will now display which "category" that stream belongs to...

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Hi Jaxel.. upgraded and can now add channels, scrape etc - The only thing that's not working appears to be Multiview - when selecting popular streams, it just says something went wrong. Cheers
Jaxel updated XF2 [8WR] XenRio 2 (Streams) PRO with a new update entry: - CHANGELOG

  • Redirect links will now point to the actual live stream video, instead of the channel that video belongs to. This is important for channels that have multiple live streams, like on YouTube.
  • YouTube live streams will now store the most recent live stream in memory, so after all a stream ends, clicking on the channel link (if you have offline channels enabled) will play the most recent stream archive.
  • BUG FIX: Fixed the multi-viewer display for YouTube live streams. Keep...

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Great update dude. :). Feature request/edit I would like to see regarding featured streams, maybe expand upon this feature a little?

Can it be made so different widgets behave differently? example:
Featured streams shown vertical in the sidebar behave as it currently does
Featured streams shown horizontally can have 2 separate widgets:

1) Where the top featured stream is shown as it currently does
2) a feature that can be toggled on with a new widget to where it shows say 5 or so 'featured' streams, similar to how the vertical display works for sidebars, but it's shown horizontally, similar to how the streams are laid out in the showcase but can be displayed on say the forum index in the header or on xenporta? Say underneath the 1st 'popular' featured stream based around viewcount?

This is my way of sorta making a 'carousel' in a way agnostic of platform. Does this make sense? I'm trying to explain it the best way I can :P
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