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Ok thank you. that first one.. I did not noticed the [+ add box] stupid.. so sorry.

But for the second one. I ticked al my forums with ctrl, tested bij making some topics in that forums..l But they did not got promoted to the front page as an article.. Maybe there are some rules?

OK I get it.. Auto promote only works for authors?
But what when I like all topics from everbody shows up at the portal page? Is jt possible?

Did you set the permissions?
Yes I made 3 people author, the can. thank you.. wait you mean I can every usergroup ? Wait I ll check thank you!

But why make special authors?

One thing.. When I promote an existing topic from an other member, his avatar and personal info is gone in this first promoted thread. Is that normal?

I ve been bussy for a few hours and I think I get it all exept for my last question. Thanks for all! Its late here in the Netherlands go to bed now ;)


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You dont need to make authors, all I did was make guests see the portal page then use categories for auto-promote then it should work fine.

Not sure about your last question, the developer would need to answer it @Jaxel.


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The auto promote function does NOT make threads show up on your portal. All it does is auto check the promote option after a thread is created.

And yes, promoted threads hide the thread creator. This is by design, because there is no postbit on the first post of an article. If you want the postbit to appear, don't use the article layout...
@Jaxel is it posable to have a checkbox to disable Portal title??

edit: Also I enabled the features block and enabled a post when i ;load the page it shows for 5 secs and disappears
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What ad positions do you need that aren't already included in stock XF2?
On the front Portal Page (index.php)

Currently I run a rotating banner system which drops banner ad's at the bottom of every page, well in threads anyway. Would be nice to be able to display those banners on the home page in XenPorta.

Again, it could be that I'm missing something or am looking in the wrong place :)


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  • Please enter a value for the required field 'author_name'.
  • Please enter a value for the required field 'author_byline'.
  • Please enter a value for the required field 'author_status'.
I keep getting this error when importing the data. The data can import, but I get this error.

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Hi @Jaxel

You mentioned your XP1 widgets have been replaced by the XF2 inbuilt widgets. So i am confused whether your recent article widgets like the attached image is still available.. what are the widgets missing from xp1?

pic from smashboards.com

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 7.37.46 PM.png
Is there a way to change the order in which the images/stories are shown in the feature slider?

Can't seem to find it and by default it's sorting by name? At very least i would like to make it by date - so the newest promoted article to feature would be first to show in the slider.


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I'm having a problem with XP2 in that when editing a promoted thread (or even when adding a promoted thread) and I choose 'Use custom title and excerpt' I can change the title but nothing of the message (screenshot below):


I can place the cursor into the message but cannot remove or alter any of the content. Is this a bug, or am I missing something?

Permissions are set as shown below:


Hope @Jaxel can answer this one - with thanks.