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XenForo + Wordpress + aMember Pro


I am planning a website where I would like to integrate Wordpress, aMember Pro and Xenforo (if it can meet my requirements), and was wondering if anyone had experience in this scenario?

So far aMember Pro has impressed me with its ability to handle Wordpress, but at the moment I am using Vanilla Forums (That is, user login and details both being handled by aMember Pro to present a seamless login experience for the end-user), and while Vanilla is nice, I really am starting to love the feel of Xenforo (just from using this forum).

If anyone could provide me with some experience or advice in this regard I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,



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According to their features list, XenForo is listed in their third party scripts. In fact, they use XenForo for their support forums.


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Just wanted to add that the XF plugin states it is built for XF 1.0. A test installation for XF 1.1.2 and aMember Pro failed to get a login to work. You'll definitely want to contact Alex (aMember support).
I have XF, Wordpress and aMember all work as one without any issue. If you're having an problems, you should contact aMember support.

FYI, I'm using the latest version of XF, Wordpress and aMember.


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I have XF, Wordpress and aMember all work as one without any issue. If you're having an problems, you should contact aMember support.

FYI, I'm using the latest version of XF, Wordpress and aMember.
I'd like to see it as well, i am interested in doing something of this sort.

Digital Doctor

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Well its a working progress currently
Cool site !


That is not a guy I want to meet in a dark alley.

Keep us in the loop about your unique XF + WP + amember site. I'd like to hear how Wordpress and Xenforo addons work (ie. which incompatibilities exist).

If you deploy a gallery PM me.

aMember.com is $179. Their forums are Xenforo. Cool.
Yes, I am having lots of trouble with it at the moment. Not able to login except in admin.php with administrator account, and no other users will login. Also, the Xenforo admin panel sees the users, but gives them absolutely no permissions.


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Mercenary Design will soon be using aMember. I am changing it a LOT though so won't really have anything of use to you. Anyways... they have an official XenForo integration add-on that I purchased with aMember (more for example code, turned out to be a waste because I needed different examples). I never tried using it but it is all official and stuff...


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I've successfully got the three scripts integrated with login. Now the heavy task of making the user feel like they don't have 3 user profiles to edit is at hand.
It would be nice if the xenforo avatars could be pulled into the wordpress commenting system and replace wordpress commenting with it's own!


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I am actually working on this for a client who contacted me today. For now I am only working on the XenForo side of things. The problems we are having:

1) The ZIP file provided has scant information on where exactly to upload the files for XenForo. The directory tree is quite deep, but there is no "/upload" directory within the ZIP that might indicate where their provided files should go. It also seems to include plugin files for the aMember application itself, and from what I've check, those seem to be copied to the right place.

2) When trying to activate the add-on with the provided XML file, I'm getting an error message about needing a valid callback function. This makes me think of two things--either the provided plugin is outdated (see post #3 above in this thread), or it could just be that we don't have the files on the XenForo side installed in the correct place.

I'm about to dive in and see if I can find something on the aMember site, but if anyone at least knows where the aMember files should be installed in XenForo, that would at least eliminate a lot of the grief!


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Is anyone using Amember just on a xenforo forum to process payments for a premium paid members only forum? I mean without using Wordpress at all, just using Amember and Xenforo.


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XenForo has its own system built in, and I have had a few members use it. I feel that using XenForo's built-in system gives you a lot more control over permissions. From what little I remember now of aMember Pro, it only handles things at the usergroup level (IOW, it can assign to a user group). I felt aMember was clumsy myself. Documentation was scarce--it took me several tries to figure out where to install files at. And its handling of logging in via XenForo was even more clumsy.