XF 2.1 Xenforo User Session Time


Hey All,

I am trying to enforce the automatic logout of any user on the forum that has been idle for x minutes, just like how the ACP works.
From what I've read, this already happens, but I'm not seeing it.
I have disabled the 'Stay logged in' button using https://xenforo.com/community/resources/adjust-stay-logged-in.6663/ then changed the cookie prefix to log out all users to enforce this.
However, all users are telling me that they are never logged out of the forum, even after computer restarts or overnight. The same is happening to my admin account.

Can anyone help me get this to work?


Thanks for the reply. I restarted mysql, but it hasn't helped.
Online Status Timeout is set for 15 minutes, but I was under the impression that it only affected online activity status for say, online members.

Lukas W.

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The option mentioned by @Masetrix controls how long users are marked as online from their last page load/activity on your board, e.g. in the "Users online" widget or on the post bit icon. It doesn't have any effect on their actual session and won't affect their login state in any way. Neither will restarting MySQL.

Changing the cookie prefix should be sufficient to log out all users from your site.