Session timeout value adjust


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Before I purchase this, I need to find out if this is possible to change the cookie timeout on login. I tried to search this forum and it seems Xenforo that there is no configuration on Session timeout for login. I would need to change the session timeout value so that user will not get automatically logout at least 24 hours+ or even longer.

Same goes for Admin login, I wonder if this is possible to configure admin login session to last 24 hours+


Chris D

XenForo developer
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If a user clicks "Stay logged in" then the cookie is set for 30 days. So that should be sufficient.

The session lifetime for an Admin login is only 60 minutes, though it increases to 24 hours if debug mode is enabled for the admin.

That's not really easily changeable without editing the code directly, or using an add-on (I'm not sure if one exists).

That said, we'd generally not recommend increasing the admin session timeout. Simply, you do not want to increase the chance of an admin leaving himself logged in somewhere he shouldn't and risking someone gaining unauthorised access to the Admin CP.