Session timeouts, long page load and missing replies

I am a user over at
As far as I know they are using Xenforo.

Some of us are having difficulties using the forum, sluggishness, slow page load, replies that does not take - probably due to session time out.

We have tried the following on the user side:

  • Emptied Cache.
  • Change browser
  • Done various speed tests from various sites with adequate results.
  • Resat router, firewall, disabled VPN, disabled unblock us.
  • Restarted pc, routers etc
Yet the problems are still there.

So then I deleted also all cookies, and what do you know. As soon as cookies are gone the forum acts as normal. Everything worked as a peach. Normal page load, no stress.

Then I tested loging back in with my account and as soon I was logged in the problems started.
So I deleted cache and cookies, and signed up for yet another account. And the strange thing is that with the new account there is no problem at all. It seems to me this might be a problem related to users cookies. What can causes problems to cookies?

The problem is my first account I do follow threads, I have many posts and likes and would so like to continue to use that account. But as long as there is problems I can not use my first account.

Any ideas to what might cause this? As I said I now know that there are several users that struggle with the same issues. And pretty soon the invites goes out and being on the wrong account might actually make it harder to get those shiny invites we all are waiting for.

Is there a quick fix for this problem? I would love to have a basic idea to take back to forum staff, so we might get to use our prime accounts. Pls help us.
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Sure that would be the correct way, but the staff are tide up working crazy hours at the moment to get the 1+1 smartphone ready for release.
I would like to get a basic idea on what might cause this odd behavior before I drag the staff away from their more important tasks.

I am sure someone of the users, admins or customers of Xenforo has run into the same glitch and maybe they can provide an insight to how issues can be resolved.
@paralell0 What is happening is their mod/admin team is using the "discourage user" feature to stomp out all criticism, serious questions, concerns, and skepticism with their product. I too was a member of the site and I made a thread asking for details, the next day my thread was deleted, and the site was slow as Moses. Being a XenForo user myself I suspected something was up and I knew about the discourage user feature, so I loaded up the site with a webproxy, and sure enough, it loads fine. Deleting cookies didn't do anything for me. Around the 28th or so their site went from an ocean of criticism to just a bunch of fanboys praising their product, guessing they have no tolerance for serious questions/concerns.

If you got a new IP and use an unaffected login, you'll probably be fine, or contact Oneplus directly and beg for mercy :p

Also worth noting, the smash/invite contest crap is separate from their forum login. Either way, invites for people at large won't even go out until June.
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A feature like Discourage attempts to mask the disapproval by site owners by flooding the user with technical errors.

But all users will get wise to this eventually, and know that they're just being banned. While they're still figuring it out, they'll bombard the site with requests for technical assistance in troubleshooting these errors, so the rest of your userbase will know you're trying to ban him.

It's a bit of a pickle on how to use Discourage effectively.