1. B

    Changing database servers causes XF to timeout?

    We ran into a problem with our current database server and needed to make a new one, so I took the database backup, moved it over to the new one, and pointed the XF install at it. This caused Xenforo to fail to load due to timeouts, but when inspecting the transaction log, I can see that...
  2. N

    XF 2.1 Xenforo User Session Time

    Hey All, I am trying to enforce the automatic logout of any user on the forum that has been idle for x minutes, just like how the ACP works. From what I've read, this already happens, but I'm not seeing it. I have disabled the 'Stay logged in' button using...
  3. branebot

    XF 1.5 Random Timeouts

    We have just freshly installed the forums on our new godaddy hosted site and we get random timeouts from pages. The server has 2 cpus and a gig of ram, everything is showing basically zero as far as load goes, there are only 2 of us browsing the pages and trying to do admin tasks. There really...
  4. Ryan Nielson

    SSL Connections Dropping

    I recently enabled SSL with Cloudflare, but now users seem to get logged off a lot sooner than before. It seems like the connections are timing out sooner. Keep me Logged In doesn't appear to be working. Has anyone experienced this and how do I correct it?
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