1. S

    Online status timeout

    Hi friends, Online status timeout 60 min. We started using a new server. I'm checking the visitors online in an instant. Normally, there must be 300 visitors in 60 minutes. But the system shows as 50 visitors. I did a detailed review. 3 new visitors are coming. I'm renewing the page. 2 new...
  2. branebot

    XF 1.5 Random Timeouts

    We have just freshly installed the forums on our new godaddy hosted site and we get random timeouts from pages. The server has 2 cpus and a gig of ram, everything is showing basically zero as far as load goes, there are only 2 of us browsing the pages and trying to do admin tasks. There really...
  3. Ryan Nielson

    SSL Connections Dropping

    I recently enabled SSL with Cloudflare, but now users seem to get logged off a lot sooner than before. It seems like the connections are timing out sooner. Keep me Logged In doesn't appear to be working. Has anyone experienced this and how do I correct it?