Lack of interest Session time out with Quick replies


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This really annoys me! You spend 10mins typing out a reply, click 'Post' and it prompts you to login.

Once you've logged in, your post is history :(

Can you please change this so it either prompts you to login when you reply if the page hasn't been refreshed in a while, or it remembers the post you make when it asks you to login & then posts it when you have logged in.


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Obviously I'm not - but the point is, it needs to handle events like this.

I'd argue its more bug than suggestion to be fair, it just shouldn't do this. Its one sure way to really wind up users.


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If this is happening after 10 minutes, then either a cookie is being lost or the MySQL server is being restarted - sessions are always valid for an hour (of inactivity).


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It probably was over an hour - the point is that it should be able to recover and not loose the post.

I did click the reply button just before making the post though, so if there was anyway to catch it in the browser before the post was made, that would help.

i.e. a timer event that fires after an hour that doesn't let you reply until you've refreshed the page.

btw, I'm sure VB handled a situation like this, without the user loosing their post.


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Not quite - although it would if you started the reply, left and then came back.

My situation was, I opened the page, went out for an hour or so, came back and then typed the reply.