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If only trophies would support images on it huh... and have categorization built in.


It is a very powerful feature once used with a bit of creativity. Anyone who says its useless clearly has not utilized it well.
I too "spoofed" up the trophies with images and it changed absolutely nothing on my forum.
Honestly, their useless in my opinion. I do have them, had even tried being creative with them, but most of my members don't really care for them.

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But , if it was incorporated better like adding your trophies int the postbit area to show off and an entire dedicated page that you share on your profile page, so on and so forth, but much more thought and dedication needs to be put into a feature like this for it to be effective.
Yes. In Gmail you can have 3 floating windows open on a HD screen. Very efficient to work on multiple mails. I wish XF can build such flexible editor.
My moderators would like a place to check new members IP addresses before they post.

I can see new member's IPs when I go to the "edit" page, but currently the moderator's version of the edit page doesn't have a tab for IP addresses like the admin panel does.
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