Xenforo 1 Year Extension Clarification


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I was going to extend my Xenforo license for 1 more year, but I also have the XF Media Gallery add-on that I had purchased at the same time.

I went to my Customer Service section and read this part.

"Your initial purchase of XenForo came with one year of ticket support and access to the latest versions of XenForo. After this time, you may add another 12 months in order to continue to receive support and updates. The extension price will reflect the extension of the base XenForo license and any add-ons you have purchased for this license."

The part where it says "any add-ons you have purchased for this license", does that include the XF Media Gallery add-on?

My confusion comes from a few threads elsewhere on XF where I have seen things like "$35 + $15 = $50 -- XF + XFMG". (that last bit from an old thread)

So, I wanted to be clear that if I were to purchase the 1-year extension that will also extend to the XFMG license as well.