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1. Can I move an existing site to XenForo Cloud?
Yes, we can migrate existing XF1 and XF2 installations to our Cloud service.
We can also import from other third party software.
These are both paid services - it is not possible for cloud customers to do their own migrations and imports.
Note that new Cloud installations will always be the current version of XF, so XF forums running older versions will be upgraded as part of the migration.

2. How much does a Cloud subscription cost?
The current plans and prices are listed on the purchase page.
If none of the plans fit your requirements, please contact us and we will be able to build a package which fits.
Note that if paying annually there is a 10% discount.

3. How can I check the monthly page views for my site so I know which plan to get?
Typically this is available in Google Analytics or other similar services.
Don't worry if you don't have the data, we can make an estimate based on your existing site activity.

4. What would the URL be for a Cloud site?
The following URLs are available:
  • name.community.forum
  • name.xenforo.cloud
  • name.xenforo-hosting.com
You can also connect a custom URL quickly and easily.

5. Can I move my home page, WordPress, or other non XF pages to the Cloud?
No, we can only host XF software on our cloud servers.
Home pages, WordPress, or other third party software would continue to be hosted on your existing server.

6. How can I link my home page or WordPress with XF if they are on different servers and domains?
Connecting the two only requires entering a DNS record with your registrar and your XF Cloud URL will then be from your custom domain.

7. Are XF add-ons included with Cloud?
Yes, the Media Gallery, Resource Manager, and Enhanced Search add-ons are all included in the price.
Currently it is not possible to have Branding Removal for Cloud subscriptions.

8. Are backups taken?
A full backup is taken every 7 days with an incremental backup every day between.
All backups are stored in a separate data centre to where your site is hosted.

9. Is full ACP access available?
Other than a few items which are handled externally, such as email and the Board URL, and the unique Cloud file manager function, it is the same ACP as for a self-hosted installation.

10. Can third party add-ons, styles, and languages be installed?
All styles and languages and the vast majority of third party add-ons are supported and can be installed via the one click system in the ACP.

11. Is there any server, FTP, or cPanel access?
XenForo Cloud is software as a service (SaaS), not website hosting, so there is no server access at all.

12. Is there any way of uploading files?
A file manager function is available in the ACP which allows you to create custom directories and upload the following image file types: .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .png, .svg.
For anything other than that, we can discuss your specific needs and try to come up with a solution.

13. What about email? How does that work?
Email is handled by our dedicated Cloud mail server.

14. Will I need to do my own upgrades?
The XF software is upgraded automatically and it can be scheduled to take place as soon as possible, as far in the future as possible, or deferred for a period of time.
For third party styles and add-ons, you would need to upgrade those separately once the XF software has been upgraded.

15. Are test and development installations available?
Not currently but it is something we are looking into to see if it's feasible.

16. Can I move away from Cloud? Will I be able to get a copy of my database and files?
You can move away at any time.
A full backup of your files and database will be provided on request at no cost.

17. When is 2.3 coming out?
Soon ™.

Last updated: Wednesday 22 March 2023
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