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Not sure if I will need another xenoforo license for a site in one subdomain ( off-topic.mysite.com / mysite.com )


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I have an addon that integrates my CS-Cart shopping cart with XF with single registration, log in and log out which works brilliantly...it is seamless for the user making it all like one big site. However I lose the single log in/log out of a 2nd domain XF site of this addon. I have logged a support ticket and hope the developer of this addon can help otherwise this addon will not work for me. There is probably the same issue with the wordpress bridge addon that is available out there.


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Do I need multiple licenses for the AddOns and the RM etc. as well?
What happens to the unsupported AddOns? Will this make my board crash?


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Do I need multiple licenses for the AddOns and the RM etc. as well?
What happens to the unsupported AddOns? Will this make my board crash?
You need to discuss the licensing questions with vendor companies. XenForo confirmed you need multiple licenses of XenForo to use with add-on. Unsupported add-ons will not crash your board.


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I have directadmin, and doing setting the document root as the subdomain directory is not possible. I used a symlink instead, is that okay?

Also, since my forum is not in the document root, but rather, in /forums, then does this mean I'll set that symlink to /forums instead of /?

Also, I seem to be having irregularities with TaigaChat Pro 1.4.x

It is displaying the same chat messages on multiple sites.

EDIT: My site is SSL, and it would sometimes get the messages mixed up between the sites.

Enabling and disabling speed mode doesn't seem to help.
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I uninstalled Taiga Chat, 'upgraded' MultiSite System to eliminate the error and it still does the exact same thing. Currently, it displays messages from the wrong room, and then when you type a message it appends all the messages which were supposed to be there at the bottom. But when you refresh the page, it only shows the posts which were supposed to be there. Sometimes it shows posts from both pages, but the second set takes a couple seconds to popup sometimes.


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Few suggestions and adjustments:

Add a unique ID or class to the HTML element for per-site CSS declarations. While there's the content replacement feature, it doesn't always make sense to use that.

For similar reasons as above, please add a template conditional for adding per-site content. For advance changes to a design it's going to be easier to use a conditional than do a replacement each time it is needed.
Was this ever looked into? Project I'm working on requires it for a custom design.


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Was this ever looked into? Project I'm working on requires it for a custom design.
Hello! The features aren't currently considered to be implemented. You should also try using different styles for different domains for that purpose. Thank you!


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Since few developer previews out, Could you please let me know do you plan to Upgrade this to XF2?
Hello! Yes, we do have plans to upgrade the add-on for XenForo 2. However, no ETA or other information can be provided yet. Thank you!


This might be a stupid question but I have to make it.

I have 3 domains hosted on the same server running wordpress multisite.


Is it possible to have xencentral to run 3 xenforo instances as


? Or is it necessary to be used as a subdomain like


Thanks in advance


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I'm getting an error with the latest update to VaultWiki:

ErrorException: method_exists() expects parameter 2 to be string, array given - vault/core/model/ui/vw.php:60

#0 [internal function]: XenForo_Application::handlePhpError(2, 'method_exists()...', '/home...', 60, Array)
#1 /home/community/vault/core/model/ui/vw.php(60): method_exists(Object(vw_UI_Tab_Area_Model), Array)
#2 /home/community/vault/core/view/form/vw.php(53): vw_UI_Model->check(Array, Array)
#3 /home/community/library/XenCentral/MultiSite/Filters/VaultWiki/Area.php(43): vw_Form_View->area_select(Array, 0, '', Array)
#4 /home/community/library/XenCentral/MultiSite/ViewAdmin/Base.php(66): XenCentral_MultiSite_Filters_VaultWiki_Area->getTemplateVariables(Array)
#5 /home/community/library/XenCentral/MultiSite/ViewAdmin/Base.php(16): XenCentral_MultiSite_ViewAdmin_Base->_renderFilters(Array)
#6 /home/community/library/XenForo/ViewRenderer/Abstract.php(229): XenCentral_MultiSite_ViewAdmin_Base->renderHtml()
#7 /home/community/library/XenForo/ViewRenderer/HtmlAdmin.php(78): XenForo_ViewRenderer_Abstract->renderViewObject('XenCentral_Mult...', 'Html', Array, 'xcmss_add_domai...')
#8 /home/community/library/XenForo/FrontController.php(607): XenForo_ViewRenderer_HtmlAdmin->renderView('XenCentral_Mult...', Array, 'xcmss_add_domai...', NULL)
#9 /home/community/library/XenForo/FrontController.php(158): XenForo_FrontController->renderView(Object(XenForo_ControllerResponse_View), Object(XenForo_ViewRenderer_HtmlAdmin), Array)
#10 /home/community/admin.php(13): XenForo_FrontController->run()
#11 {main}