XenCentral Multisite System

XenCentral Multisite System 1.11.0

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Q: How to setup domains on server side for this product?

A: Before installing the product you should have all your domains/sub-domains pointing to the same directory, and as a result you should be able to access your site under different URLs, e.g. http://my-site-domain.org, http://subdomain.my-site-domain.org and http://my-second-site-domain.org should all open the same site, without redirects or frames. This is done by setting up Apache Virual Hosts to use the same physical location as their root (or equivalent setup if you are not using Apache web server). For CPanel subdomains follow the instructions in the documentation and have the same Document Root for all your domains and sub-domains.

Q: Do I need multiple XenForo licenses for this setup?

A: Yes, you need one XenForo license per domain you are using. Consult XenForo licensing terms for the details. You don't need multiple licenses of XenCentral Multisite System

Q: Can I have different Admin Panels for each domain?

A: No, the main idea of this addon is to have one central Admin Panel with one database and manage multiple sites which look different, but they are actually the same, they use the same user base, addons etc.

Q: How third-party cron-job support works exactly and how to configure it?
A: Third-party cron-job support is experimental and does not guarantee enabling it will work exactly the way you assume. Enabling is as easy as just adding cron ID (found when editing the Cron Entry in Admin Panel) in product options. What it does it runs the callback of cron job (usually a static method of a class) multiple times, every time setting-up the environment for one domain (e.g. making board title, board URL, option overrides etc. available). Therefor, if you enable this support for a cron job, you (or addon developer) should consider, that the code will run multiple times every time it is time to run the cron job. It is up to you to setup option overrides in a way, so that each iteration does job specific for that domain only. An example could be an addon sending weekly digest email with most viewed threads. Most likely this addon has an option to define forums, from which the threads should be gathered. So, after enabling the support it is crucial, that you override this option for each domain, and set different forums for each domain, otherwise users will get the same threads (from two different "sites").

Q: How exactly I could implement support for Weekly Digest addon?
A: Enable cron support in Multisite options setting the ID of cron "WeeklyDigest". Then edit every domain affected and override the setting "Weekly Digest -> Excluded Forums" to exclude forums you don't need in that domain.

Q: Emails sent via a custom cron job contain URL to wrong domain. Why?
A: Most likely the addon developer built links using prefix full: instead of canonical: . Full: prefix is building the links based on current request context (the URL used to trigger cron job, which doesn't matter usually, as it happens on some random visit to one of sites), and only canonical: prefix uses board URL (which is changed by our product) to build a full link.