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those two entries are running periodically on my site - but the described problem exists until I rebuild the cache manually as explained
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anyone else got the problem, that the total feedback count isn't updated with new feedbacks.

For example, a user received 430 positive feedbacks - also all available in table xf_xc_feedback_feedback.
But the count in table xf_xc_feedback_user sticked to 429 (the amount I imported with the importer).

got it fixed with Rebuild Cache -> Feedback System: Rebuild users rating
I guess there should be a way that this happens automatically. ..
@XCentral ???
@XCentral till the problem is sorted out, I could run the manuall rebuild via CLI job. Whats the correct parameter to use with cmd.php?

something like
cmd.php -- xf-rebuild:users
I am considering this mod but conversation on the last couple of pages is a bit confusing. Are there currently any outstanding issues installing/using this mod with the latest (2.2.13) XF?
Hi, @cwe There are no blocking issues for installing/using the add-on on XenForo 2.2.13. We are going to release a new version with some fixes soon.

I'm still interested. Is there any sort of timetable/estimate for when an update might be released?
XCentral updated XenCentral Feedback System 2 with a new update entry:

XenCentral Feedback System 2.3.5 Released

Hello everyone!

The release overview:

1. CSS fixes for user profile feedback tab in mobile view.
2. We now hide threads in thread suggestion drop-down where both users do not participate, if check thread starter option is enabled.
3. Logical fixes when Unique deal url and Allow thread starter options are enabled.
4. iTrader importer fixes.
5. Cron is implemented to clean up the activities older than 1 day.
6. Feedback rebuild after User delete is in the jobs now, so it will not cause high...

Read the rest of this update entry...
Installed and configured. I don't see any feedback stats in the postbit (yet?). I'm guessing the mod doesn't show anything if a user has zero feedback?
Hi, @cwe No, they should show. Check the options in the screenshot and check if the template modifications are applied.


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@XCentral - Thanks. I had the "Show in posts" set to "below username". I changed that per your screenshot and the stats appeared under the username where I wanted them.

However, there is a behavior that I find a bit odd. Under the "Deal Thread" configuration tab, I set 1 specific forum node for valid deal threads. All deals should be offered and negotiated in that forum node. Under the "Appearance" configuration tab, I selected several forum nodes where I would like the feedback stats to be displayed by member usernames. This works, but the "rate from postbit" link appears in all the forum nodes selected in the Appearance tab node selector instead of just the forum node that was selected in the "deal thread" node selector. This will be very confusing for my members. I would prefer to show feedback stats in several nodes, but only have the "rate from postbit" link appear in the node where deal threads are actually valid.
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