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XenCentral Feedback System 2 2.3.5

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How do I do clean installation of Feedback System 2?

Upload src and js folders to your XenForo 2 root directory and navigate to Admin Panel > Add-ons. Here you will see XenCentral Feedback System 2.x.x add-on and Install button. After installation take the steps described below. XenCentral Framework installation is not needed.

How do I do clean installation of 2.x version without upgrading 1.x version?

Before uploading 2.x package, open addon.json file in src/addons/XenCentral/Feedback find the code "legacy_addon_id": "xcxt", replace with code "legacy_addon_id": "", save and upload.

How do I test 2.x version with my Feedback System 1.x data?

Do a clean installation of 2.x version, take post-installation steps described below, navigate to Feedback System > Import Data, choose Feedback System 1.x from importers list, enter appropriate database details and import the data. After the import is completed, all feedback data will be imported from 1.x to 2.x.

How do I upgrade Feedback System 1.x to Feedback System 2.x?

To upgrade 1.x installation to 2.x, upload 2.x package to forums root directory and visit Admin Panel > Add-ons page to perform the upgrade. Note that upgrade script will change the tables of 1.x installation and you can not revert the changes back. If you'll uninstall the add-on after upgrade, it will remove all data, including the data migrated from 1.x version. Be careful!

What should I do after installation/upgrade?

After installing/upgrading the add-on:
  1. Navigate to Groups & permissions -> User group permissions -> edit. Set Feedback System and Feedback System Moderators permissions. Click Save.
  2. Navigate to Feedback System -> General Options. Check and set all options. Click Save.
Do I need XenCentral Framework for 2.x installation?

No, you do not.

How do I remove XenCentral Framework legacy tables?

If you were using Feedback System on XenForo 1.x XenCentral Framework Removal tool will remove deprecated XenCentral Framework associated tables from XenForo 2 database. It just runs the appropriate queries upon installation to drop those tables.

Add-on download link https://shop.xencentral.com/dl.php?type=d&id=337 You'll need to be logged in to download the package.

The add-on will work on both XenForo 2.0 and 2.1.

If you have XenCentral Ad Server installed, it stores payment api data in XenCentral Framework tables. Do not use this add-on unless you want to erase those data.

1. Uninstall XenCentral Framework 1.4.2 from XenForo 2 admin panel.
2. Install XenCentral Framework Removal add-on.
3. Uninstall XenCentral Framework Removal add-on.
4. Remove src/XenCentral/FrameworkRemoval directory from your XenForo 2 installation.

That's it.

I have Feedback System 1.x license. Do I need to purchase 2.x license separately?

No. If you have Feedback System 1.x license, you can download and use 2.x license free of charge. If your yearly support/updates subscription is expired, just renew it and you'll get access to 2.x version.

I want to extend my license yearly support/updates. Where do I do it?

To extend your license support/update, navigate to Client Area https://customers.dnf.technology/clientarea.php and then navigate to addons page https://customers.dnf.technology/cart.php?gid=addons Here you'll see XC Feedback System Support/Updates addon that you need to order.

I purchased Branding Removal license, but the branding information is shown in my forum, what to do?

If you have Branding Removal license, in Admin Panel navigate to Feedback System > General Options > Misc and check Remove visible branding.
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