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Since it has the same /media/ in the URL, I guess we would have to uninstall XenMedio.

In that case we'll need..
  • Support to embed Videos (YouTube, Dailymotion etc)
  • An importer to import videos from XenMedio


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Not sure if and when I will add this new gallery.......but importing from Gallery (one of the most popular online galleries) would be nice...
A raw import would only need a few fields....don't really have to import ratings and stuff like that, just the images and thumbs (or make new ones) and captions.


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Great work guys - looks fantastic!

If/when there's a IPB Gallery and vBGallery importer, I'll be jumping ship with a few sites :).

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I am more happy for Erich37 than myself.. :D

Chris... can we have the descirption and comments on the right (also making new comments) when it is on lightbox? Just like in FB.
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