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It is finally time for me to lift the lid on what has been keeping me busy for the last 3 weeks:

Xen Media Gallery is a brand new gallery add-on for XenForo which allows you to add a gallery to your XenForo site with the following features:
  • Configure categories in the Admin CP (with options for which usergroups can upload to each category)
  • Set user/usergroup permissions to allow your staff or members to upload media to the gallery.
  • Users can upload multiple files at a time to the gallery. Just like forum posts.
  • Each category can be ordered based on various criteria and each category is paginated (per page limits available as options in the Admin CP)
  • Other options include restrictions on file size, media dimensions, thumbnail size, number of media items to be uploaded at a time, comments per page. And all of these options are separate from any global forum attachment options.
  • Media items can be liked, edited, deleted, commented on, rated, reported, approved/unapproved. Comments can be liked, edited, deleted, reported.
  • Media items have easy to use share links. Share the page, the full size image, or even BB Code to copy/paste on other sites or elsewhere on the forum.
  • See the media uploaded by each member via a profile tab or a link on their member card.
  • Full integration with News Feed and Recent Activity.
  • Full integration with Daily Statistics (media uploads, size, likes etc.)
Xen Media Gallery in its current form will be available for sale within the next week (dependent on any further work required). Once released it will be feature complete and considered bug free. Therefore NOT a beta.
The gallery will be on sale for £40 GBP which will entitle you to 12 months free support and upgrades.

Further Development
Once released, development will continue to expand the product to incorporate a number of new features. This means the product will expand from being a site-based gallery to include user albums. Thus allowing users to create their own albums and either keep them private or share them accordingly.
Once those additional features are released, the price will increase from £40 GBP to £60 GBP. The initial purchase includes 12 months upgrade and support which can be renewed for a cost of £15 GBP per year.

Demo / Testing
If you would like to get involved in testing the product, you can do so by registering at Please feedback there if you have any suggestions or bugs to report, or indeed any other questions.

Extra Special Thanks
Goes to Brogan. Paul has been an absolute asset to the development of this gallery. His words of encouragement along with constant pedantic suggestions really useful suggestions and expert eye for detail throughout has been invaluable to me. Thank you Paul :)


Very Cool and perfect for what im looking for, any plans to integrate a watermark ? ( if it hasnt already )
Importers are planned. Obviously even if there was an importer for User Albums you wouldn't be able to properly import user data as the gallery currently doesn't have user albums functionality itself.
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