Won't fix Wrong link in report thread for conversations


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I'm not using the report center but the classic reports as a thread mode. When someone reports a conversation message the contents of the report thread are:

Conversation Message in 'Hi friend' by someone has been reported by someguy. Reason given:

some reason
Content being reported:

some contents

someone is a link to the profile of that user
someguy is a link to the profile of that user
Conversation Message in 'Hi friend' is a link to http://www.yourdomain.com/

The problem is that Conversation Message in 'Hi friend' shouldn't be a link.

Looks like the problem is because XenForo uses the same phrase (I think) for posts and conversation messages reported_thread_message whose contents are:

[url='{link}']{title}[/url] by [url='{userLink}']{username}[/url] has been reported by [url='{reporterLink}']{reporter}[/url]. Reason given:

Content being reported:
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Design issue in that a link is always expected and the conversation is the only content type that doesn't provide one (at this time at least). Consider this a limitation of the forum reporting system (which is really just going to be a minimal system compared to the full report center).