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XF 1.4 How to specify the node name as part of the title in report threads


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I'm using the classic reports to a node config instead of the new report system. The problem is that when someone reports a post the title of the report is something like:

Reported Content: Post in thread 'XF Database Size'
(phrase: reported_thread_title)

I want to specify the node name where the thread belongs to so the new thread title for the report should be:

Reported Content: (Off Topic)Post in thread 'XF Database Size'

Is this easily doable?



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It looks like the title may be hard-coded, as I'm not finding anything in the templates searching for the phrases.

For reference, though, you would use this code:

{xen:phrase in_forum} <a href="{xen:link forums, $forum}">{$forum.title}</a>


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Hi Maru thanks for the feedback but the contents of the phrase reported_thread_title are:

Reported Content: {title}
Where {title} seems to be hard-coded making it difficult to achieve what I'm looking for.

@Mike is this possible?


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It would require custom development, to extend the XenForo_ReportHandler_Post::getContentForThread(array $report, array $contentInfo)

You can easily extract the node name ($contentInfo['node_name']), and them append it to the variable which populates 'title' in the phrase.