Awaiting feedback Wrong Link of Post a member thread


My xenforo version is 1.4.3
When someone report a member to moderator, we can receive a thread in our specific forum. The problem is one link in the thread is a wrong link which will go to another thread without any relation with the member.

For example the report thread we received is :
Member 'user name' by user name has been reported by username. Reason given:
User is spamming and creating spam threads

The link of Member 'user name' is a wrong on which take me the a post.
How can we fix it?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
In the example you have given, it sounds like a member has reported another member from their profile, rather than a specific piece of content. Therefore Member 'user name' in this case would be a link to the member's profile (the member being reported).

Can you give a rough example of what the actual link is?