XF 2.2 deleting a member causes thread instability when it is first post


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Deleting the first post of a thread deletes the thread by design.

But, i have a thread where the first post has been deleted through a bulk option (i deleted the user i think - it was years ago) and the thread still renders, yet comes up with no content. (empty grey background - no errors, nothing in source code)

Using the amp view (via 3rd party plugin) page, it all renders showing the issue is that the first post user was deleted but i do get an error for the getcoverimage() routine in the admin logs because again, the first post is missing.

The thread owner is wrong, as it now points to post #2 for all that information.

I can share a link if desired with staff.


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This may be more of a support issue than a bug.

We don’t actually provide any tools to delete a user’s content when a user is deleted. So if you had something like this it was either an add-on or some sort of manual process.

If we did have such a thing we would do it in such a way that the entire thread would be deleted too.

There may be a workaround which is to run the thread rebuild and rebuild post position counters. That would change post #2 to post #1 and most likely reattribute the thread to that new first post user. Which may not be what you want but I think that may be the only solution.
Yeah, i'm not exactly sure what transpired... i banned that first poster in like 2007 so it was years ago.
admin action- ban account

Later, he threatened a lawsuit and demanded all his content removed.
admin action - soft-delete all poster's content via some manual action (probably raw query to set visibility to hidden)

that's the likely flow. Perhaps there's an additional step i should take.
This was definitely an issue in the days of XF 1.x after importing from vBulletin 3.x. Due to some quirk—presumably in vBulletin—you could end up with dangling threads and posts. I assume migrating such a forum from 1.x to 2.x would preserve the dangling content. It’s been a long time since I checked, but, if I recall correctly, such content was treated as nonexistent by vBulletin, so the thread would be inaccessible until imported into XF.
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