Not planned Option for a member to post a thread that no blocks would apply to


I have been a member of a seedy forum beginning in 2004 ... w 35K+ posts
it was Great bring people with vast knowledge in seemingly all areas that were willing to share wht they knew and help others
Nearly 100% of everyone had 1 thing in common in different levels and in that were Happy to share what they knew and help others
Well is Spun out of control and it became a mosh pit of 1 political agenda and anyone not singing along got bashed
The New forum with the 2 way Block was a Blessing but soon there was really nothing new to read
I didn't pass out crying towels and announce that I was leaving, I just logged out and haven't felt the need to check back


I would like to log back in and start a thread on "THE 20 YEAR CLUB"
a place for those who have been a member for 20 Years to talk about the Good REALLY OLD DAYS
And List their Contributions to The Betterment of the forum (Not how Kool the are)

I think if on an Extremely rare occasion a member posted such a thread and asked the Mods to set it to Non Blocked status it could be a Good thing
in such a thread Off Topic snide comments should be deleted if requested
it just might be a way to help remind a forum of its roots and restore meaningful dialog
Who am I kidding ... ya it's SailingAnarchy ........ But it Sure Was ALL That and more .... maybe there is hope
if nothing else surviving 20 years on a forum should deserve a little recognition

Your Thoughts ??????????????
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