What's the URL structure options?


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What URL structure can I use with XenForo?

I'd like to have by default:

domain.com/forum/f12345/ for forums
domain.com/forum/t12345/ for threads

Is there an option for that?


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Well, I have a vBulletin forum with vBSEO installed using the URL structure that I've nentioned above and I'd like to get rid both (vB - vBSEO) BUT without to change the URL structure. I've done this a couple of times in the past and I'd like to avoid to many 301 redirects for the same URL if possible.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.


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I think during the import all IDs are re-assigned anyway, right? Therefore, you will not be able to avoid the 301-redirects. The best were if you would stay with the new xf-url-structure.


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I'd like to inform that what I asked it can be done with Route Filters: forums/{name:digit}/ chanched to forum/f{name:digit}/ and threads/{name:digit}/ changed to forum/t{name:digit}/. My forum is up and running Xenforo.

The only think I couldnt do is redirect the old forum home page (domain.com/forum/) to the new (domain.com/).