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I wanted to share with you something that came to my mind.
As can be seen below, we can set XenForo forum types in 4 different ways.


But regardless of the forum type, the URL structure is always the same, for example:

Wouldn't it be nice if we made the URL structure in 4 different ways according to the type we chose and the user could change it from the Rota filter?
For example.

General Discussion:




I think it would be nice, do you think?
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But if you give a particular structure for each type of discussion and you change the type of a discussion or move it to a forum of a different type it will change the structure of the original URL and cause an error 404. The advantage of the common structure is that no matter what you do with your discussion, change type, move to a different forum the URL is always the same and from an SEO point of view it is perfect.
Best to not create the problem ! 😋
Especially since I don't quite understand the point of these personalized URL structures per discussion.
Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean other people don’t want it. I’ve run into this exact problem, it’s for aesthetics.

I support this idea.
That’s the most anti-innovation opinion. Let’s not create problems so let’s not suggest or create new ideas?

I do, clearly SelamT does. A lot of people do aesthetics changes for their sites/boards.

Again, just because you don’t, you don’t need to have an attitude like you speak for everyone.
I believe there is a misunderstanding. I absolutely do not criticize the fact that you suggest this idea, I simply give my opinion without any will to speak for everyone. Personally I do not find it relevant, I also have the right to say so. And if it was finally implemented in the next XenForo, so much the better for those who found it important to them...

So calm down, drink a green tea and breathe!!
You would probably need an add-on to separate the route for each thread type, or you could do it on a node-by-node basis, I think.
Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean other people don’t want it. I’ve run into this exact problem, it’s for aesthetics.

I support this idea.
The problem is that this is the suggestion forum and aesthetic should not necessarily dictate a major change to base (which this would possibly require). If the OP was asking in another forum if it were possible or how to do it, then you would probably get discussion of how to do that. But he made a suggestion and @Nicolas FR argued quite reasonably against the suggestion.

And I personally agree with Nicodak. The current URL structure, with forum at the base rather than type, especially with Use Full Friendly URLs turned on, is logical and workable. I can easily link to a specific forum and often want to. And a major change in the URL structure without a lot of work setting redirects will break links to existing threads and posts. If it could be done in a way that allows those of us who want to keep the existing URL structure to do so, I would live with it, but I can't really see how you could have two different URL structures. So I fail to see how this change improves the software. No vote from me, sorry.

YMMV but don't be too disappointed if this suggestion doesn't fly.
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You can redirect old links to new links with a few lines of simple code. I don't think this will be a huge problem.

If XenForo can publish different types under the name of Forum types, if views can publish differently; i think url structures shouldn't just be "threads" either.
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Under your proposal, how do I link to this forum, which is a user blog. It works perfectly well under the current structure and is a nice, readable URL, too (I am using Full Friendly URLs).

For a specific thread under that forum:

Again, seems perfectly logical. The thread title is right there.

And this is an article forum, by the way. How does coding that into the URL accomplish anything other than make the URL more complex than it needs to be? And with unfurling becoming more common in forums and social media, people won't be seeing the URL that often anyhow.

i think url structures shouldn't just be "threads" either.
Except that's how a forum is ultimately organized and how the data is stored. It is a logical extension of how the software works.

Anyhow, it's an interesting suggestion, just one I see no need for. Especially if, as I suspect, it will be a major change to the base. There are better things for them to focus on. Good luck with the suggestion but, as I said, you aren't getting a vote from me.
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