Can we maintain same url structure of forums/showthread pages and migrate to XF ?


We need to maintain the same URL structure of forums/showthread pages currently live on vbulletin.
IF this cane be done automatically, its awesome or we can go ahead and do the same manually as well if possible.

We have several forums and now VB is going out of control with less third party development support.

Mr Lucky

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It's a long time since I did an import, but if I recall there is a box to tick in order to save IDs? Also to create an export archive import log - both of which are crucial for the very straightforward and effective redirect addon which is crucial to continue the integrity of both internal and external thread and post links. In my case I was able to actually edit internal links instead of having the redirect but for external links you must have the redirects working.

I'm not sure if it is till the case but there was also a prompt during the import about keeping (or not) my own ID as minor Der to install it had already been assigned to me as the one and only admin/user prior to the import.