XF 2.2 what exactly do I need to do here? (Rebuilding)

Apologies if I'm in the wrong forum.

For context, I'm new to Xenforo & XFRM. I have both, currently working on my site. I've been uploading resources like a madman. I've always wondered " why the heck doesn't the " discussion " tab shows up in my resource posts. As of 2 mins ago, I just realized I had to set it to automatically create thread in whatever forum I choose, which is GREAT because its something I needed. However, for the rest of my resources that never had a discussion forum, ( and I'm assuming it has to do with rebuilding , correct me if I'm wrong & point me in the right direction) , which particular area in the rebuilding section do i need to specifically rebuild so that my past resources show up in the new forum that I now assigned? And will that automatically create the threads?
Rebuilding won't change anything - it's not designed for that.

You will need to manually create a thread for each resource and then assign it to the resource using the Change discussion thread option.

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