Add-on Warning extension


first forgot all my english Skills ^.^ Just need one that can create this addon, would pay for it.

The Idea:
When a user get his first Warning he will get an yellow card in his profile after the name here is an picutre for you:
This “yellow card” will be there forever! If you go with your mouse on this yellow card there should be the text “Dieser Benutzer wurde verwarnt.” its mean “This user was warned.”
This card keep their forever but the site managers should be able to “reset” the cards for the user in the cp.
If the user get his first temp. ban through warnings than should be an yellow red card icon:
This will stay forever the yellow card are now away cause its now yellow and red ;) if you go with the mouse the text should say: “Dieser User wurde bereits Temporär vom Forum gesperrt.” its mean” This user were banned from forum temporarly…

Last step: When the user gets an Perma ban there should be only the red card..
if you click: “Dieser Benutzer wurde permanent gesperrt” This means: “The user were baned permanent.

If someone would create this addon i will sent the card pictures to you ;).