Add-on Account Upgrade Extension


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I'd like to pay a developer to extend the current xenforo user account upgrade feature in order to allow users to set a "Free Trail" version and to also prohibit users from purchasing that Free Trail over and over again.

Here's a Concept Art:

By setting a value of 0 (which is currently not allowed) the system should then change the "Purchase" button on Account Upgrades to "Free". There would be no redirect to Paypal or any of that.

This allows us to set up a Free Trail item by say, setting an item for free and making it last 7 days.

However, there is also no restrictions to how many times an item can be bought and so this means a user can potentially give themselves free trails indefinitely, which is quite pointless for my purposes. So a new option would have to be added that restricts Purchases to one time per account.

If anyone out there is willing and able to do this, I will pay you for your services and you can keep the code and redistribute it here on the RM for free or paid as you see fit. I only ask that the version I get does what I need, is unbranded, and I get to use it on any of my websites both present and future as I see fit.


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@Liam W has successfully completed this Add-on. I've worked with Liam before on another Add-on and he never fails to deliver. His turnaround is very quick and his prices are very reasonable. It's always a pleasure working with him and I'd recommend him very highly to anyone looking for a quick add-on.

About the Add-on:
This add-on extends the User Upgrade features to allow an admin to set an upgrade as Free by setting the price to 0. Combining this with a small duration you can effectively set up a Free Trial for something like Premium Membership. By setting up an item for free the purchase button text changes to "Apply to Account" instead of "Purchase".

Additionally, the extension also adds the ability to prohibit a repurchase of the item by completely removing it as an account upgrade option after it has been purchased or activated this way a user cannot simply repurchase a free trial over and over again.


New Option allows setting the price to 0 which was previously not allowed. In doing so an item will be set as "FREE".
-The term "FREE" can be changed via Phrase by simply searching Phrases for "free"

New option to set a Purchase limit to each upgrade.

Free items will change to display as "Apply to Account" instead of "Purchase".